One Down, Fourteen More To Go

I wrapped up my first week back at school on Friday, and it’s always an adjustment to get into the swing of things and a new schedule. Since we came back later this year, we started classes on the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so that meant everyone was messed up because we’ve never started on a Tuesday before.

All of my classes don’t seem like they’ll be too bad. Meteorology will be interesting, especially the lab because as my group learned last Thursday, it is pretty much the blind leading the blind. My Language in Communication class will focus on language regarding gender and social movements, so I’m hoping to learn some new outlooks on those topics through the language we use to talk about them. My seminar class is focused on PR, which is my concentration. I’m taking an online Marketing class, so I’m hoping to learn more about the marketing side of things. The class I’m most excited for is my Special Topics in English: Writing for the Web class. By the end of the class, we’re going to make a blog and write content for it; I’m hoping I can just use this one and not have to make a new one haha. But if I do, I think I’ll focus on the Red Sox’s upcoming season, spring training, and the first month or so of the regular season.

I also started my internship last week Tuesday and Friday. So far, I’ve been working on revamping their bios for the company’s new website, so I was able to come up with new criteria and ask some fun questions (like what animal best describes you and who would you want to play you in a movie of your life). On Friday, I got the opportunity to write a pitch letter for a partnership for one of their clients who wants to work with another company. I did research on both companies, and I liked being able to write something different from what I’m used to writing.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve gone to the gym five times, and I’m proud of myself for doing so. I found that using one of the machines helps me not feel like I’m dying (shout out to my exercise-induced asthma) plus I can watch SVU while working out. So it’s definitely a win-win. I went with my roommate Saturday morning, and with her encouragement, I was able to run two miles (well I ran the first, walked a second, and ran the third). We also did some ab stuff, and I’m super sore. But I’ll take that as a good thing.

I’m going out to dinner with one my friends tomorrow night that I haven’t seen since I left for winter break. She graduated a semester early, so she isn’t on campus like she was last year, so it’ll be nice to catch up with her. My meetings for council start again this week, and we have an event Friday night (fingers crossed I don’t sprain my other ankle). I spent about 3 hours in the library this afternoon, and I was able to get my work done that is due tomorrow. This week I’ll have to figure out time for homework, the gym, and Netflix – of course.

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