Dumb Things That Are Making Me Nervous

On a weekly basis, I ask Josh if he’s just generally nervous all the time. Turns out, it’s just me. Also, after my mom reads this post, there’s a 100% chance she’ll call or text me about this list.

The appointment I scheduled to have my gas furnace looked at: It’s just a yearly check-up, but I am so nervous that I scheduled it so that Josh would be home too. He said that he would let them in (I have a separate HVAC closet in the basement of my condo) and I’ll pay them with one of my checks with cats on them.

It looks like we’re getting new neighbors in the empty unit downstairs: I hope they’re nice. And quiet.

Making any phone call to schedule an appointment: This will be a life-long thing. The only places I don’t have any issues calling are one of my doctors and the place where I get my SUV’s oil changed. That’s it. Any other call, I have to write out a whole script for when I actually hype myself up enough to make the call.

Having to go to a new eye exam place because Target no longer accepts my eye insurance: Josh is going to the same place this week and will let me know the exact logistics of his appointment.

I’m not writing enough blog posts: I’ve been busy but also feeling burnt out creatively, so I think that’s why I haven’t been writing as much. I’m just putting unnecessary pressure on myself to write multiple posts a week, and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. This current post is happening because I figured word-vomitting onto the screen was helpful.

Giving myself food poisoning, setting the smoke alarms off, and why did someone give me a mortgage: All of these are fears I’ve had in the back of my head since I moved into my condo in July 2021.

Our trip to DC: I’ve been in denial about flying and keep telling Josh about the news stories where birds have flown into the plane engines or that a flight got diverted for some reason. I also tried finding restaurants in the city and got too overwhelmed because there are so many. I just want to have everything planned out ahead of time, but I know that’s also not realistic.

All of May: It’s always a busy month for me and I’m sort of dreading it this year. We’re busy at work because it’s the end of the spring semester and also Commencement. But then it’s my birthday (and my mom’s), a Jack and Jill for Josh’s sister, and Memorial Day weekend. So it’s figuring out birthday stuff with my parents, birthday stuff with Josh, the Jack and Jill, and also if we’re doing something for Memorial Day.

I’m turning 29: Something I’m also in denial about, I think more so than turning 30 next year (eh, we’ll see how I feel this time in 2024). It’s my last year of my 20s. Did I do enough? Did I do the right things? Am I prepared for my 30s? What does being prepared for my 30s even mean?

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