Winter Activities: McCray’s Farm Holiday Light Walkthrough

This was one of the few winter activities we were able to do this season. We were planning to go to Bright Nights like last year, but I found this holiday light walkthrough and sent it to Josh. It’s new this year for McCray’s Farm in South Hadley, MA, but from what I saw online, it looked super cool.

Going on a Thursday night worked best for our schedules, and we went to dinner at The Yarde Tavern in South Hadley before going to the farm. You could buy tickets in advance for a certain time and then just check in when you arrived. Everything was organized, from the parking attendants to the check in process. We were impressed at how easy it was to get there and start the walk.

The walkthrough started off in the petting zoo area, and we were surprised to see some of the animals, which included goats, llamas, and peacocks. The paths were packed down dirt, so we wore our boots in case it got a bit muddy, and we bundled up, although it was about 30 degrees when we went; not super cold that it wasn’t enjoyable.

There were so many lights. I mean, it’s sort of obvious since it was a holiday light walkthrough, but they went all out. A lot of the trees looked like this, with strands going up most of the trees. Josh joked and asked what happens when one of the random strands goes out at the top of the tree.

McCray’s is known for its Halloween haunted hay rides, and we didn’t realize that some of the Halloween structures would be used for the walkthrough. It was funny to see the ghosts and the skeletons decorated for the holidays.

There were a few Christmas-specific decorated areas, including one inside a barn that had fake snow falling. “Blue Christmas” was playing when we walked through the area pictured on the right.

Just one of my new favorite pictures of myself.

The entire mini golf course was decorated with lights, and you could actually walk through the course, which was cool. There were so many lights in that area too; it’s like they didn’t miss a single place to hang a string of lights.

It took us about a half hour to walk through the entire thing. The farm was pretty crowded with families and groups, but everything went really smoothly. There was an employee at the end handing out candy canes and we made sure to tell him how great we thought the walkthrough was. I absolutely loved it, and we’re planning to go back next year.

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