Start of the NFL Season

The NFL season officially kicked off on Thursday night, and I spent all of yesterday on the couch watching games—because that’s what Sundays are meant for.

I’m a die-hard baseball fan, it’s something I live and breathe, but the past year or so, and even this year, I feel like I get a bit more excited for football season. And that makes me feel guilty as a baseball fan. But I guess it only means something to me; I doubt anyone else will care if my sports season allegiances shift a bit year to year.

I love baseball, don’t get me wrong. But 162 games a season is a commitment. I don’t watch every single game, but I often miss a lot of games due to life or just if the Red Sox are terrible. But for football, I usually watch most of the Giants games—even though at most times it’s terribly painful to do so. It just seems more convenient knowing every Sunday I’ll have at least two games to watch (either 1:00 p.m., 4:25 p.m., or 8:20 p.m.)

Here are some of the reasons why I’m looking forward to the NFL season:

  • Knowing I’ll have plans every Sunday for the next four months (not counting the post-season)
    • I usually don’t watch the games on Thursdays or Mondays unless the Giants are playing
  • More opportunities to sit and read (yes, I’ll sometimes read while watching the games)
  • A good reason to break out my crockpot to make yummy meals for Sunday dinners
  • Burning fall-scented candles during the games
  • Getting out all of my blankets to snuggle up under
  • Fantasy football (Even though I’m really bad at it)
  • An excuse to stay inside

Here are some of my notes on Week 1 on the NFL season:

  • The first week is always a fun game of, “Wait, he plays for that team now?!”
    • Case in point: Mitch Trubisky plays for the Steelers?! Baker Mayfield is a Panther?!
  • The Giants won their first week 1 game in 5 or 6 years. Yeah.
  • Poor Dak Prescot
  • We’ve already got a game that ended in a tie (Colts and Texans)
  • I feel like all I heard about was Mike McDaniel, the new head coach of the Dolphins
  • I saw “Commanders” listed in a few graphics and it took me a second to realize what team it is
  • It sure looked like fun at Solider Field as the Bears celebrated their win in a downpour and on a soaked field
  • The Dolphins mascot is creepy looking

Thoughts on week 1 of the NFL season?

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