So I Have a Plant…

I got a plant for my birthday from my grandparents at the end of May. I’m not a plant person. I don’t think I can really keep anything alive, except for myself, which was a big concern of mine when I moved out last year.

There’s a small garden plot next to my garage (and one on the other side of the walkway against the other garages) and thankfully, one of my neighbors takes care of the two plots. I’d have to pull out whatever was there and just maintain a nice dirt patch if I was responsible for it.

So I was a bit worried when I got the plant for my birthday; I thought I’d keep it alive for a couple of weeks and then it would die, but it’s going strong four months later.

I don’t know exactly what kind of plant it is—I think it’s a succulent—and as long as it wants to stay alive, I’ll try my best to keep it alive. I water it about once a week or when I notice the dirt is dry, and I’ll pull out any dead-looking leaves. For some reason, it started to grow the vines out of the pot over the past few months, and I’m just rolling with it.

I don’t get a ton of sun in my condo—if anything, it comes through the windows in my bedroom and the living room. I keep the plant on the shelf over my kitchen sink, and it seems to be doing just fine right there. It doesn’t have a name, but I think if I’ve made it this far, I should probably name it.

Maybe I should get a second plant? I’d need to find something similar to the one I already have and not something that needs a lot of sun or care. Any plant advice to give me? I’ve yet to give myself food poisoning, so I could definitely take care of two plants, right?


  1. One of the teachers at work gave plants for Christmas, and a student gave plants for gifts in June. I thought I would kill them too but the December one is thriving!! Even sprouting new leaves!!! Its apparently a really hearty plant. The June one is a succulent and I think I’ve been over watering it haha but its also grown little shoots in the pot!! It actually also came with a little plastic hippo toy, a “house hippo” of my own haha

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  2. Ahhh I have three succulents, I only water them once a week and they’re growing so quickly! I’ve already had to repot them once. I recommend getting another succulent, or maybe even a cactus, they’re so low maintenance.

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  3. I too thought I wasn’t a plant person until I got my current position and inherited my predecessor’s 2 office plants. I’ve since been gifted 4 more for my office at work (yes 6 total now) and have been tasked with keeping one in the hall alive as well. I’ve been doing so well with my work babies that I’ve started a small plant family at home now too! 2 of them started at clippings from some at work, one I bought, and the other 3 were gifts. I’ve been gifted 2 succulents and 2 cactus in the past and have killed them all, so kudos to you for keeping yours alive!

    I’ve been told Peace Lilies are hard to kill and have found this to be true. That’s the only kind I’ve purchased for myself and there was a close-call at one point, but he bounced back quickly–found out the scary way that they don’t like direct sunlight. Indirect light and water when soil is dry; very low maintenance. As far as my Heartleaf Philodendron, I can’t seem to tame it! I have one at work that has a vine that almost entirely encircles my window and the one at home is probably close to 6ft long now. I don’t have the heart to cut them, but I probably will have to.

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    • Ooh, I’ll have to maybe look into a peace lily or a heartleaf philodendron. I would do better with something that needs indirect sunlight since I don’t get a ton in my condo and I need something that’s low maintenance.

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