Diary No. 4

I slept with the windows open this past weekend and it was amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve had to have my air conditioning on for most of July and August because it’s been so hot here. This past weekend the temps were cool enough overnight that I had the windows open and it was great. Now I’m back in the AC, probably for the rest of the summer. I really can’t wait until the weather is cooler, and I can have the windows open all of the time.

I’m convinced there aren’t enough hours in the day to work 40 hours a week, take care of my condo, have some sort of a social life, and do the things I enjoy. Some weeks, I feel like I’m doing fine and I’ve got everything under control, and other weeks, I’m like there’s no way I can do all of this on my own. I’ve got a pretty good chore routine down, I plan all of my meals, and I have a hybrid work schedule, but how am I supposed to do all of this by myself?

This Fernando Tatis Jr. drama is a lot. He was suspended for 80 games for testing positive for Clostebol, a performance-enhancing substance. The suspension was effective immediately, which is funny since Tatis is already out with a fractured wrist injury (from an offseason motorcycle accident) and will end up missing the entire 2022 season. 

Tatis released a statement claiming he mistakenly took a medication containing Clostebol to treat ringworm: “I should have used the resources available to me in order to ensure that no banned substances were in what I took. I failed to do so.” He’s the latest player to use the “I didn’t know I was taking a banned substance!!!!” defense. Come on.

Then enter Tatis’s dad, who said his son got the fungal infection on his neck from a haircut and used Trofobol, a spray, to treat it. But apparently, no doctor would prescribe clostebol to treat ringworm since it’s a steroid and not an anti-fungal medicine, and the drug would actually exacerbate ringworm, not treat it. 

I still have many questions: Why is he taking something not prescribed by a doctor? Why choose ringworm as the reason why he was using it? What actually happened? Why, as a professional baseball player who just signed a 14-year, $340 million contract, would you just take some medication willy nilly?! (It’s not like he just goes to CVS and picks up a random medication off the shelf.)

I’ve started running again post-COVID. My doctor suggested I wait 6 weeks to start running again, so I mapped out 6 weeks from my negative test, which was this week. I ran on campus on the indoor track on Monday and Wednesday; I ran a total of 2 miles, running a half mile and walking .10 after each one. I felt a bit wheezy afterward—a bit more than I would have pre-COVID—but it wasn’t terrible. I’m going to have to ease back into it because I did miss running and have two races in the fall I want to sign up for.

I’m over having to kill spiders and bugs in my condo. I think that’s the only thing I wasn’t prepared for when I bought my condo. Someone should have told me I’d be responsible for killing insects. And it’s even worse when I have to play the game of, “Is it black fuzz or a bug?” I get that it’s hot out and the bugs don’t want to be outside, but please don’t come into my condo uninvited.


  1. Doing all of life by yourself is hard! I do it too and sometimes I just need to take a step back and take a day or two to reset. Or try to space out things I have to do.

    A little side note on the bugs! I live in a basement apartment with windows flush to the ground, one facing the driveway and 2 into the backyard. So lots of opportunities for bugs. I started spraying the windows and it seemed to help! I saw a post on pinterest to mix dish soap, water, and peppermint oil drops (I use spearmint since I couldn’t find peppermint). Apparently the soap and oil stick to bugs feet and they hate it and will stay away? It also gives a nice little minty smell to your place haha

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    • Yeah, I try not to be too hard on myself if I don’t get to something right away or have to move a chore to a different day. I think we’re all just trying the best we can.

      Ooh! Good to know. I’m on the second floor but I have a balcony right off my living room near some trees so I think they could come in that way. I don’t have unwanted visitors too often but good to know about the peppermint trick.


      • I dont use it too much any more. Last summer I had a lot of bugs and used it a lot. And this summer not many at all! Maybe I have my windows open less? 🤷‍♀️

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