Spotify Wrapped

It’s the best day of the year: Spotify Wrapped is released! I know some people don’t care about other people’s Spotify Wrapped, but I love seeing stats from the people I follow. So I’m subjecting you guys to mine!

Top genres:

  1. Contemporary country
  2. Dance pop
  3. Electropop
  4. Classic rock
  5. Pop punk

My top songs:

  1. “Stacy” by Quinn XCII—71 total streams
  2. “Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmello and Jonas Brothers
  3. “long story short” by Taylor Swift
  4. “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift
  5. “august” by Taylor Swift*

*This was also my #5 top song last year.

My top podcast: Bax & O’Brien—22,412 minutes streamed

My top podcasts:

  1. Bax & O’Brien Podcast*
  2. Pod Save America*
  3. That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast
  4. Brunch
  5. Hysteria

*These were also my #1 and #2 podcasts last year.

My top artist: Taylor Swift*

  • Top streamed song: long story short
  • Minutes streamed: 1,241

*She was my top artist last year, too. I like Taylor Swift, okay?

My top artists:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Quinn XCII
  3. Big Time Rush
  4. Morgan Wallen
  5. Olivia Rodrigo

Minutes listened: 51,461—more than 93% of other listeners in the U.S.

What does your Spotify Wrapped look like?


  1. I just got a Spotify account this year because one of the podcasts I listen switched to Spotify only (no, I was/am not a fan). I’ve hardly used it for music because I pay for a Pandora subscription, but have switched to Spotify only for all my podcasts. How do I find my Spotify Wrapped list?

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  2. Nevermind I found it… my top played song was Stay by Sugarland (played 3 times) and my top listened artist was Avril Lavine. My top listened podcast was Armchair Expert and my most binged pod was The Bald and the Beautiful.

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