Ask Me Questions!

The last time I asked for questions was around this time last year, and around this time last year, it felt like March 273rd. And it still might, not quite sure yet. Anyway, you guys can ask me anything—obviously within reason haha. I’ve had fun with these posts in the past, and we’re due for some fun, I think.

Leave your question(s) in the comments and I’ll be taking them until Sunday night! I’ll hopefully have my answers up early next week 🙂


  1. How do you pick books at the library?!
    And will you also just pick all my future reads from bow until forever because I love your suggestions haha

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  2. I’ll follow up on T’s book-related question… How do you read so many books so quickly? I mean, I’m certain I’m not making enough time in my schedule to read, but is there a trick? Teach me your ways.

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  3. What is a skill or ability you wish you possessed?
    What do you wish you knew 10 years ago?
    In the video montage of your life, what song(s) would play in the background?
    What was your least favourite class in high school?
    You’re given $10 to buy lunch. Where do you go and what do you get?
    Instead of, “I hope this email finds you well”, what are some email starter alternatives you would suggest?
    If your best friend was a well-known celebrity, would that make you uncomfortable?

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