One Good Thing: Week of Jan. 17

I actually have two good things this week because it’s been a rough week, again. (See here.) So I figured it was okay to have two things:

  1. I got my hair done on Saturday. It’s the only thing I really treat myself to—I don’t get my nails done or anything—so my hair is my thing. I went more blonder and got ~2 inches cut off. It felt good to pamper myself a bit. The salon where I go follows all of the COVID guidelines and I feel safe going there. I even have a special hair appointment mask.
  2. I got new pajamas this week. I’m really weird about pajamas—like I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on them since you just wear them to bed?—but I used a couple of Kohl’s gift cards and ordered 3 pairs. I changed my sheets this morning so that means new jammies for the week, and I’m going to wear one of my new pairs.

(I’m also super behind on reading everyone’s posts so hopefully this week I can catch up! This past week sort of got away from me.)

What was one good thing that happened in the past week?


  1. I got my haircut on Saturday as well and it was such a nice treat! I also felt safe going to the salon with all of the guidelines in place. I got 6 inches cut off so I basically feel like a new person now. And new pajamas are the best! I always ask for a new pair for Christmas every year. I love the Stars Above line from Target for pajamas and lounge wear.

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    • 6 inches! That happened to me last summer when I hadn’t gone for a hair cut since before the pandemic and finally went in August. I really like having short hair; at least for me it’s more manageable.

      I got two pairs of Stars Above joggers for Christmas! They are SO comfortable.


      • It’s more manageable for me too! I haven’t cut this much off of my hair since 2017 but I’m loving it now!

        They really are the best! I am accumulating quite a collection since I started working from home. They are my go-to WFH uniform.

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