One Good Thing: Week of Nov. 29

This is a new weekly series I’d like to start where I share one good thing that happened to me in the past week—this Sunday to last Sunday. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of weekly series for a while but couldn’t think of anything that would be easy and also something I could come up with content for. So, that’s how One Good Thing was created.

I’m also going to encourage you guys to share your One Good Thing in the comments! Things suck right now, but I think we’re able to find at least one good thing that made us happy or made us smile in the past week.

My One Good Thing for this past week is that I painted! I’ve been painting on and off for years but over this summer I bought a pad of acrylic painting paper to work on. I really started painting again during Election Week as a way to deal with stress, and while I was on vacation last week, I painted two things for the holidays.

Sometimes I work off on a design I found on Pinterest or sometimes I just create something I pictured in my mind. Painting is a good distraction for me and a way that I can just shut off my brain. I’m hoping to do some more as it starts to get colder and I need inside activities.

So, what’s one good thing that happened in the past week?


  1. Ooooo cute pictures! And what a great idea for a series!

    My good thing was getting so much done yesterday! Everything finished before lunch which gave me some much needed rest and relaxation for the rest of the weekend.

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  2. That’s awesome! I’ve actually thought about painting quite a bit this weekend, but I didn’t get around to it. Hopefully I’ll do so in the future! Now that I’m wrapping up classes (and like you said, the weather is getting colder), I think I’ll be able to.

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  3. Love the idea of One Good Thing. I had a really nice thing happen this week. I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for just my husband and myself and feeling a bit down because my kids and grandkids, sister, nieces and nephews would not be joining this year, and I heard my doorbell ring. I wiped off my hands and went to the door and no one was there, but there was a beautiful little bag from our very decadent chocolate shop! In it was a card of gratitude from a non-profit community radio station that I originally helped organize and have volunteered for over the years. It was such an unexpected gift, it made me cry happy tears and feel a little better!

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