Post-Quarantine Weekend

I’ve barely left my house since quarantine started. I’ve been working from home for almost two months now and will most likely be doing so until the end of the summer. I only recently started leaving the house; I went with my mom to Walgreens, went to get cans to go at a local brewery, and went with my dad to get takeout for our Friday night dinner.

My state is going to slowly start reopening this month, but even then, I probably still won’t leave the house much. You won’t find me with any groups of people for a long time. It’s kind of funny how before all of this we used to go to crowded bars and places and didn’t think anything of it? Now if I even see someone I know—besides my parents who I live with—I automatically maintain a 6 foot distance from them.

Bill over at A Silly Place challenged me to write about my first weekend post-quarantine. Thinking of that seems so far away and it’s hard for me to even think of going out in public and interacting with others. Because, to be honest, staying home hasn’t really changed my lifestyle much. I’m a complete introvert, and I don’t really need to see people a lot. I mean, living with my parents is one thing, but I hardly ever went out before all of this.

BUT for the sake of this challenge and because Bill is such a great blogging friend, I will push all of my “But what if?” questions aside and write about my post-quarantine weekend.

Friday night

Friday night date night with my parents at a local family Italian restaurant where we’ve been going for years. We’ll get to see our regular waitress, who we haven’t seen since the middle of March. We catch up with her, and although we had been getting take out from there during quarantine, it’s nice to be out and see other people.


I go for my weekend run in the morning, which isn’t anything new. Running was the one thing I kept up with during quarantine, and now I’m actually better than I was before—at least I’d like to think so. I make it one of my longer runs, maybe 6-7 miles, and enjoy the time outside.

After I come home, shower, and eat lunch, I head off to the town library. I bring the three books I’ve had checked out from the beginning of March and couldn’t return because the library closed in mid-March and closed the outside book return. When I get inside, I just take a moment to soak in the library and all of the books I have access to now. Would it be weird to hug the books? Probably. I’ll likely spend an hour in there, and I take out as many books as I want.

Once I’m done at the library, I stop by Target just to go to Target again and maybe pick up a few things just because I can. My last stop is at the ice cream shop to see the girls and get some ice cream to go because my ice cream intake during quarantine was incredibly low. I’d probably start working there the following week and I’d be excited to see my friends again.


Although this would be the first weekend after quarantine, I’d love to be able to go see my hairdresser. My last appointment was in the middle of March, right before everything closed. I missed my appointment with her in May, and I’m sure by this time I’ll be in desperate need of a haircut. I’d have her put a ton of blond in my hair and possibly some purple, because I’m basically coming out of a crisis and why not have purple hair? (Plus I love my hairdresser and I’d love to catch up with her.)

I’d spend the afternoon at a local brewery with one of my co-workers. We’d both get flights of beer and hang out in the brewery’s game room. The game room has a garage door that’ll be open because it’s so nice out, and we’ll catch up since I hadn’t seen her in person since March and have fun—because now all of the fun things are back.

I know my first weekend post-quarantine isn’t all that exciting, but it includes the things I miss doing now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to have a weekend like this, but I guess it’s fun to think about the things we’d like to be able to do again. But for now, we are where we are, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. Great job! And the thing that I think makes this challenge interesting is that there’s room to imagine doing normal things (like you and I did) or go absolutely nuts … and they’re both good!

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  2. Your weekend sounds amazing! Just doing normal things that we can’t do right now. Ugh. Normal things. And girl – hug ALL THE BOOKS! Then hug them again for me.

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