“I’ll Do it Later” & Other Lies I Tell Myself

I shared this post in my Instagram story today, and I felt the need to write about it here because I feel it on a spiritual level:

This happened to me this week at work. Monday afternoon, I wrote on my weekly to-do pad to email someone. I didn’t email her until this morning, only because I also had to email someone else and figured, hey, I might as well write all of my emails now. It literally took me a minute to write the email and send it, but it took me like two days to actually do it.

I don’t procrastinate about big things, like scheduling a yearly doctor’s appointment (and yes, I consider that a big/important thing), but ask me to email someone or do a small task? It’ll float day by day down my weekly planner until I finally do it Friday morning because I’m tired of having to re-write it.

And it doesn’t even have to do with the fact I’m communicating with other people. It’s that I’d rather focus all of my energy on a big project than worry about the little things. But once those little things pile up, it becomes a big thing and then I’m forced to deal with it.

I’ve read the whole “if you can do it in five minutes, just do it now” thing but sometimes I’d rather use those five minutes on something else, like making gifs of the university’s mascot, which I’ve been doing all week. I should have made this one of my resolutions for 2020—just do the little things now! You’ll feel better! And it’s something you can check off your to-do list!

Are you bad about the little things like I am? Or are you a fully functioning adult? Can you share any of your super powers with me so my little things don’t pile up?


  1. Little things, big things, I can procrastinate about both quite easily. LOL. I do tend to let little things go by, like laundry, vacuuming, etc., while I work in my studio more 🙂 Followed you on Insta.

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  2. I think I’m the exact opposite where I’ll try and finish small tasks quickly and put off the big ones so I can focus on them and know I have nothing else waiting for me.

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  3. I like to procrastinate on little things too! I don’t know why though, because they typically only take a few minutes and then I have something to mark off of my to-do list! I guess I like to work on completing the bigger projects as they stress me out more.

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    • Sounds like we’re in the same boat haha. I feel like I need to set aside some time during the week to just do all of the little things so I don’t have to worry about them when I have bigger stuff to work on.

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