Working Toward Something

In case it wasn’t obvious, I have a love-hate relationship with running. I literally took one of the worst things and decided, “Hey, I’m going to do this now.”

For the most part, I can pick up on things pretty quickly. My mom showed me how to crochet in less than 15 minutes, and granted, I can’t crochet sweaters or hats, but I know how to make a scarf. A lot of the programs and applications I use at work I’ve picked up on the job, either at my old job or my current one.

I guess one thing I had to work at was gymnastics when I was younger. It wasn’t “real” gymnastics, like the Olympics. I took classes at a local dance studio for six years, and for about three of them, I helped teach the girls in the younger classes. I had most of the basics mastered: cartwheels and roundoffs (two and one handed), somersaults, dive rolls (like summer salts but you extend out more before you tuck), back bends, back walk overs, front walk overs, front hand springs, headstands, and walking splits—my favorites.

I was shown how to keep score of a baseball game at one minor league game when I was in high school, and then I was allowed to keep the book for my high school’s varsity team. I think being obsessed with baseball to begin with helped, and although there were cases during games I had questions about, for the most part, it was like a second nature to me.

So when it comes to running, it’s hard for me to struggle with it. I know that the more I work at it, the better I’ll get, but I’m used to things sort of coming naturally. But this could be good for me. It gives me something to work toward, and it’s something that I can sustain—assuming I don’t have any major injuries or set backs. I knew that gymnastics wasn’t going to last forever, and I only managed the baseball team for two years. Running is something that I can keep at, and I need to get out of my own mind and do what feels best for myself.

Do you pick up on things easily? Or do you have to work toward things? What’s something you’re working toward now?


  1. Somethings I can pick up easily, but its the things that take a little more work that I find to be the most rewarding at the end. Don’t give up on your running Becky!

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  2. I’m for sure a Jill of all trades kinda gal (screw Jack and his patriarchy!). I catch on to things pretty quickly, but that’s not to say I can determine early on if something is for me or not. Running is not for me. I get shin splints and pains from plantar fasciitis, so I try and avoid running at all costs. Good for you for trying to stick with it though. Have you tried the app Couch to 5k? I hear it’s good for helping people ease into distance running.

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    • Haha I like the “Jill of all trades.” Ugh shin splints are the WORST. I’ve heard of the app but haven’t used it; rather I’ve just kind of wandered my way into the world of running haha. I’m running two to three miles each time I run, and I’ve started working in some sprint work. I have four 5K races under my belt and a few more upcoming this year. It’s just anything further than that that I’m cautious of haha.


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