Becky Does Arts + Crafts: Customized Letters

This all started three years ago when four girls at the ice cream shop graduated from high school, and as “Mom,” I didn’t want to see them go. Over the summer I decided to make something for each of them to bring with them to college.

I love that Michael’s has large white letters available, and I have three hung up on my wall in my bedroom to spell out my monogram. I ended up getting five letters—each one the first initial of their names—because one of the other girls graduated from college. I texted each one and asked for their favorite colors and painted them in a chevron pattern.

They all loved the letters, so when two girls graduated from high school last year, they also got their own letters for their dorm rooms.

Three girls graduated from college this year, and I spent this week working on letters for them.

I print out a stencil of the chevron pattern and then trace it onto each letter. I paint every other stripe, and once they’re dry, I outline the painted parts with a Sharpie. On the back, I write a little congrats message to each girl, and for these, I signed them from “Beck Beck”—a nickname the girls have been calling me for years. It started probably six years ago, and it just stuck.

I’ve always liked making crafts for other people—I’m a big Pinterest gal—and I like customizing them to each person so it’s something special. Graduating from high school or college is a big accomplishment, and I hope that the letters can be part of the celebration.


  1. Love this, Becky!! You are an awesome friend. I would so hang one of these letters (if you made one for my first initial 😉 ) on my wall! ♡


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