Becky Yells About Football: Free Agency Edition

I’m following in the steps of what I did last year and create a post for this year about football players signing in free agency. So I hope you enjoy! (Disclaimer: Way too many players were moved, so I only picked the ones I know/had something to say about them.)

Landon Collins signed with the Washington Redskins (6 years/$84M)

Alright, so, this one hurts. I’ve been following Collins since he played for Alabama, and I’ve always liked him. But a few weeks ago, he just up and cleaned out his locker in the clubhouse. He was expected to get a franchise tag but something must have happened. I’m sad to see him go, and it’s gonna suck to have to face him this season when we play the Redskins.

Odell Beckman Jr. traded to the Cleveland Browns


This one also hurt. Paul was the first to report this to me, which I followed with a lot of capital letters. I knew that there were rumblings a while ago when the Giants were trying to shop OBJ and the New England Patriots showed interest, and then the Giants pulled him back. So I wasn’t expecting him to get traded. Yes, I have a few issues with him and his attitude, but he was the only good player we had. AND TO THE BROWNS?! That sounds miserable. He gets to go spend time with Baker Mayfield. Ugh. The Giants aren’t going to win any games this season. I’m already taking my ball and going home.

In return, we got the number 17 overall pick and a third round pick in this year’s draft and S Jabrill Peppers—of no relation to Julius Peppers—which works because we didn’t have a safety after Collins up and left.

Golden Tate signed with the Giants (4 years/$37.5M)

I didn’t know he played for the Philadelphia Eagles last season. I assumed he was still with the Seattle Seahawks, but he hasn’t been there since 2013. I mean, this is a good pick up SINCE WE TRADED AWAY ONE OF OUR WIDE RECEIVERS.

Danny Amendola signed with the Detroit Lions (1 year/$5.75M)

Oh, hey, look who’s making another appearance this year. Amendola signed with the Miami Dolphins for two years last season but is now going to the Lions. At least he’ll be with Matt Patricia?

Nick Foles signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars (4 years/$88M)

All I can think of is Jason from The Good Place and his questionable love for Blake Bortles.

Blake Bortles released by the Jaguars.

What’s Jason going to do now?

DeSean Jackson traded to the Eagles

Jackson’s going back to Philly. I didn’t realize he played for Tampa Bay this season…

Terrell Suggs signed with the Arizona Cardinals

I thought he retired? Well, he is 36.

Tyrann Mathieu signed with the Kansas City Chiefs (3 years/$42M)

The Honey Badger is on the move after being cut last off-season by the Arizona Cardinals. He played for the Houston Texans last season.

Teddy Bridgewater re-signed with the New Orleans Saints

Bridgewater went from the Vikings to the Jets last off-season in March and then was traded to the Saints in August. So he probably never put on a Jets uniform, unless he played in camp.

Tyrod Taylor signed with the Los Angeles Chargers (2 years)

The only reason why I know who he is is because A. He was part of Bills Mafia, and B. Apparently everyone was pronouncing his name wrong and he didn’t correct them.

Le’Veon Bell signed with the New York Jets (4 years/$52.5M)

He was the one who caused some of the drama last season in Pittsburgh. The Steelers were going to give him a $14.5M franchise tag but he wasn’t going to sign. He missed the first nine games of the season and then didn’t show up to the league’s deadline to sign his tag, so he didn’t play at all last season. He’ll be making just over $13M a year with the Jets. So did he just not want to play in Pittsburgh anymore?

Also fun fact: According to his Wikipedia page, he started a music career in 2017 and goes by the stage name “Juice”. Just this week he released an album called “Life is a Gamble.” Maybe this is what he was working on last football season and didn’t have time to do his actual job?

Mark Ingram signed with the Baltimore Ravens (3 years/$15M)

He’s another Alabama football alum, and he hasn’t been as good as he used to. Maybe that’s why he took PEDs and got busted last season.

Adrian Peterson re-signed with the Redskins (2 years/$8M)

I thought he was older than 33. Maybe he has a few years left in him. He had a good run with the Vikings when he was with them. I can see AP making the Hall.

Michael Bennett traded to the New England Patroits

I thought he already played for them? Upon further review, his brother Martellus Bennett used to play for the Pats.

HaHa Clinton-Dix signed with the Chicago Bears (1 year)

Oh hey, yet another Alabama football alum. I’ve always liked him.

Jordy Nelson released by the Oakland Raiders

I knew he didn’t play for the Green Bay Packers last season, but I didn’t realize he was with the Raiders. Ugh.

Thoughts on this year’s NFL free agency?

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