The Jonas Brothers are Back Together!

I know I’m like a week late about writing this. Let’s just say it’s because I was too excited to form words and just got around to stringing together actual sentences now.

On Thursday, February 28, fan girl Becky was brought back from the dead when I started to see posts on Instagram about the Jonas Brothers being on The Late Late Show with James Corden. I freaked out at my desk and then texted my mom, in all caps, to tell her that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together.

When the Jonas Brothers were in their heyday, I was in middle and high school (2007 to 2010ish), and I was obsessed. I don’t think any of my friends in real life were as obsessed as me, so it turned into an online obsession. (Maybe that’s why I have this blog now where I yell about sports…) That’s how I found the world of Jonas Brother fan fiction and never looked back.

Since my blog is a circle of trust and a safe space, here’s a fun little tidbit that I don’t think anyone knows: I used to write JoBro fan fiction.

Surprisingly, those are two stories I actually finished, unlike anything I’m working on now. I think they were written in 2009-2010; the file properties on the word docs are a little messed up since I had to repurchase Office when I started grad school because Office 365 locked me out of all of my files until I renewed my subscription or flat out bought Office. But I remember writing the stories in the beginning of high school before I got an actual life and managed the baseball team and had a job.

The two stories focus on the same characters, and since Joe was my favorite—and still is—he was the Jonas Brother of choice. The first story is a little rocky but gets the job done, I guess. The sequel is much better, and surprisingly good for me writing it at age 15. That one is 137,899 words. It’s long. I definitely didn’t have a life.

I subjected my poor mom to the Jonas Brothers, although she enjoyed the show that they had on E! for a while that focused on their family lives. She watched The Late Late Show episodes last week with me when they were on. And she still asks me who is who. (Nick is her favorite.)

I’ve also been re-listening to their music, and I still know all of the words. I will probably know them until I die. I’m excited to see what new music they put out now. After they broke up, I really didn’t follow Nick and Joe’s solo careers like I did when they were a band. I knew their songs because they were played on the radio, but that was it really. I bought all of their CDs on iTunes—when that was still a thing—so they live in my phone on my Apple Music, but I don’t use that much anymore. I’m more into Spotify, and I found a playlist of all of their songs that I’ve been listening to 24/7.

Is this how 30 year old women felt when the New Kids on the Block got back together? I never had any Jonas Brothers posters or anything, but I feel like I need one now. I mean, I am looking for wall decor for my office…

On an un-related but related note, I also went through a Big Time Rush fan girl phase—I still know all of the word to their songs—and dabbled in BTR fan fiction, although nothing really panned out. That’s what started me not finishing any of my stories and having a bunch of random word docs with half started stories in them.

(I also subjected my mom to BTR, especially when they had their show on Nickelodeon. Carlos Pena from BTR is in one Hallmark Christmas movie per season, so she knows him from there.)

So if you need me from now until any point in the future, you can find me screaming JoBro lyrics at the top of my lungs.

Were you ever a Jonas Brothers fan? Are you happy that they’re back together? If you didn’t like the JoBros, were there any other boy bands you liked?


  1. My Jonas Brothers phase was around the same time as yours, through middle and beginning of high school. Me and my best friend LOVED them and I hung their posters everywhere in my room, mostly Joe’s. Even though I didn’t really watch their show on Disney Channel, I still listen to their old music today, so I am pretty excited 🙂

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  2. Joe was my favorite & like your mom, my sister’s favorite was Nick! I never read their fanfic but I change my MySpace layout to different ones of them & put their videos all over my page lol. I also used to save their photos to my computer & switch my background with them. 😂 I must admit I was obsessed back in the day, too! I never followed their solo careers either but I never stopped listening to their old hits. “You Just Don’t Know It” & “When You Look Me In The Eyes” are two songs I almost always play when I do my makeup LOL.

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