Pumpkin Picking

In addition to my list of favorite fall things, pumpkin picking is one of them. Since I had today off from work, my mom and I went to a local garden center in town that always has mums and a wide variety of pumpkins each year.

My mom got two mums to place outside with the rest of our fall decorations. We grew corn in our garden this summer, and we saved the corn stalks so we didn’t have to actually buy them.

After browsing through all of the mums, we headed over to the pumpkins. It’s not really “pumpkin picking” as they’re all lined up on pallets, but we technically are picking out pumpkins to take home.

We always get two big ones to carve and put out at Halloween. For as long as I can remember, we’ve roasted the seeds, and it’s my favorite fall snack.

Additionally, we get a funky looking gourd for my dad for his desk at work, and I pick out two or three little pumpkins for my desk. (I had one on my desk last fall, and it lasted for like six months.)

Have you gone pumpkin picking yet? How do you decorate for fall? How do you feel about the little pumpkins: cute or pumpkin imposters? (How do they actually grow?)

(ALSO: I’m taking questions through tonight for my question and answer post for Wednesday! Drop a few questions on this post that you’d like me to answer!)


  1. I’ve never gone pumpkin picking before nor have I ever had roasted pumpkin seeds!! Both sound like things I need to try. 😄 I love the baby pumpkins (even if they are imposters), they’re just so cute! I also love all the funky gourds!

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    • You have to go if you have the opportunity! We always get two big ones and carve them for Halloween, and the seeds are a great snack. I’m excited to bring the pumpkins into work to put on my desk for some festive decorations!

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