Just Call Me Miss Logistics

Not sure if it’s because of my anxiety, my Mom-like tendencies, or my “need to be in control”—according to my ex—but I’m the one who plans logistics for trips. Because that’s just who I am.


I went to a Red Sox game last year with two of the girls from the ice cream shop. The running joke is that I’m “Mom” to them anyway, so it was obvious I’d be figuring out the departure time, parking, eating, etc. I sent them a group text with a rundown of what was going to happen, and everything worked out without any problems. (Plus we stopped for ice cream at J.P. Licks on the way back down Bolyston.)

For my 5k race in Newport, I took over logistics: figuring out distance between the race and my house, what time to leave to make registration when it opens, and finding a few restaurant options on the way back. A lot of the places in Newport were fancy/expensive, but I found a cute little restaurant with burgers and ice cream that we went to in Jamestown.

I’m also taking care of logistics for my second Yard Goats game of the season. I’m going with two girls from the ice cream shop—one of whom I went to the Sox game with last year—and one of their boyfriends. I took the day off from work just so I wouldn’t have to rush home from work to go to the game, so we’re going to go into Hartford early to grab an early dinner. I’m driving, so I’ll figure out a good time to leave, and I’ll find a restaurant we can go to before, plus navigate from there to the dirt parking lot down the street from the park.

I don’t think my need to plan things out is because of a control issue. It’s just who I am. I like planning things out, and I like knowing what we’re doing. As far as I know, no one is upset that I’m the one doing it, and they’re appreciative of my planning skills.

Maybe it’s because I’ve learned not to expect too much from others, and sometimes it’s hard to rely on others. So I’d rather do it myself. I like knowing what’s going on, and I mean, someone’s gotta Google map the location, right?


  1. I’m the same way. I always book the hotel rooms, flights, restaurant reservations, parking arrangements, routes, timeline etc for the trips my wife and I take. We both enjoy it so it’s a win win for us.

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  2. I’m sorta like this too, except when I go on road trips my friend is always the one who plans them out. It’s easier that way, especially if you trust the decisions that person makes. In school though, I was always the one putting group projects together (this is kinda the same thing right?). I just didn’t trust anyone else to do it and knew they’d hand it in without proofreading anything.

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