I’m Starting a New Story and Surprisingly Didn’t Finish The One I Was Working On

Remember how I finished the story I was working on back in January? I spent two weeks rereading and editing it for consistency and then started writing the sequel. Mostly because I didn’t have any ideas for a new story and I liked the characters too much.

Fast forward to last week.

Back in December, I had been tossing around a few ideas for a new story but didn’t write them down because I wanted to finish the one I was working on. I was poking around with the sequel to the one I finished in December but was struggling a little with motivation to get it finished.

For some reason, I do my best story thinking in the shower, and the other night, came up with a new concept for a story. I grabbed a little journal I sometimes jot down story ideas in and almost planned out the entire story, short of an actual ending. I took a few ideas from what I had thought about in December but came up with a new plot and characters.

I created a new folder for it in my Google Docs “Short Stories” folder and started putting together a “Who’s Who” character list, rough outline, and the beginning of Chapter 1. On Saturday while watching Netflix, I was able to finish up the outline and create an ending.

It’s a little scary starting a whole new story. With my other one, I grew attached to the characters and did so much research (please don’t ever look at my Google search history). Now I’m back at square one with this one. But there’s something exciting about starting a new story, getting to know the characters, and writing something different.

I kept all of my notes and the chapters I wrote for the sequel, and I can always go back and work on that at a future date. Back in high school, I’d always start a bunch of stories, and some of them had really good ideas, but never finished them because I’d want to start a new one. So I’m not surprised I’m story jumping, but I’m going to force myself to finish this one.

I don’t know how long it’ll take me to write this new story (the other one took me about ten months), but it’s always a journey and who knows what I’ll end up changing as I go along in the process.


  1. You might just need a break from your existing story/characters… you could always come back to it if you wanted to 🙂 Best of luck with the new one ✨

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