I Don’t Always Finish Stories, But When I Do, It’s in the Library on a Friday Afternoon

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been working on a fiction story that, at the time, was barely halfway done.

As of this afternoon, it’s done. All 96,418 words of it. I have to start the dreaded editing process because I know there are a few consistency errors, plus I’ve been working on it technically since March 2016, so it’s probably better if I give it a read through.

This is the first time since high school that I’ve finished a fiction story. Somehow back in ninth and tenth grades, I managed to finish two stories. Granted, they were both Jonas Brother fan fiction—something I’m not necessarily proud of now but fit my obsessions then—but they were finished. And pretty good.

The one I just finished is a whole combination of things that have happened to me, things I’ve thought of, and things that have happened to other people. I get inspiration from some weird things, and this story is a whole jumble of stuff. Of course, it revolves around sports and my obsession with Texas.

When I had a few chapters left to write, I wasn’t sure if I’d write a sequel. For a couple weeks in December, I was bouncing around a few ideas in my head but never wrote anything down because I didn’t want to be committed to it. Then as I finished this story, I love the characters so much and wanted to give them another story.

I was stuck on what would be the main plot, but I thought of it when I was half asleep and honestly proud of myself for even remembering it the next day. I’ve been jotting down some ideas in a new Google doc, which is where I do all of my writing because I can have easy access to the documents my computer and my phone.

Will this story ever get published? I can only hope one day. I don’t really know anything about the publishing process, and I don’t know if my writing is good enough to compete with other writers. For right now, I’m doing this just for fun. This story took me a long time to finish since it went through a complete re-write in April of last year after I wrote the first seven chapters.

So if you need me, I’ll be off in my little corner editing this monster of a story while waiting for the day I can start the sequel.


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