Five Reasons Why I Hate The Iron Bowl

Week 13 in college football is always Rivalry Week, and that means the Iron Bowl. It started back in 1893 and still continues to give Crimson Tide and Tiger fans heart attacks each and every year. As some of you may know (or not know), my beloved Alabama boys lost to Auburn on Saturday, 26-14. It was a heartbreaking loss full of bad calls, bad passes, and bad snaps – looking at you ‘Bama center.

So in honor of me sulking about for the week because of the loss, here are five reasons why I hate the Iron Bowl.

1. 2013 Kick Six

kick six

Enough said.

(I’ve only cried after two games, and this was one of them.)

2. Everyone Talking About the Kick Six

This was the first year since that horrific event that Auburn was good and good enough to give Alabama a run for its money. (They finished 2014 ranked No. 22, weren’t ranked in 2015, and ranked No. 24 in 2016). So that meant that everyone kept replaying the Kick Six and made me want to cry my eyes out. I thought we all had forgotten about that?

3. It’s Always Stressful

Since the two teams play in the same conference AND division, this game can become a winner-takes-all trip to the conference championship the following weekend. So since Alabama lost this weekend, they’re not going to the SEC Championship and instead Auburn is taking on Georgia.

4. That Stupid War Eagle

Auburn’s mascot is a Tiger, but they’re also widely known for the “War Eagle.” Rumor has it that back in the late 1800s, during the first Auburn football game against Georgia, a war veteran was holding an eagle and it escaped and flew around the stadium and people yelled “War Eagle.” So in the beginning of every Iron Bowl every other year when it’s played in Auburn, we have to watch the eagle fly around.

At least it didn’t do what this eagle did last year at a Dodgers game:

5. I Just Really Hate Auburn, Okay?

When I became an Alabama fan, Auburn used to be good (circa Cam Newton days), and it was nice the last couple years not to have to worry about them. But they’re becoming a contender again, and I don’t like it.

So in conclusion, I’m just an upset Alabama fan this week. My dad hasn’t helped by making comments and arguing with me during the game about the “missed” call that Alabama got away with while Auburn got called for too many men on the field during the fourth quarter. There’s a slim chance that Alabama will crack the top four again for the playoffs (they dropped from No. 1 to No. 5 with the loss), so I’ll just have to root for whoever is playing Auburn or Clemson to beat them.

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