Tis the Season

Happy December! I love this time of year because everything becomes so festive and I can watch cheesy Hallmark movies all day, every day.

The Monday after Thanksgiving I decorated my cubicle at work. I went in early and found out the building didn’t have any power. So I decorated the best I could in the dark, and once the power came back on three hours later, I plugged in my lights so I could see my work. I’m the only one in the office that decorates their cube, and everyone has stopped by and said how much they love it.

We got our Christmas tree this weekend at a little family tree farm in the next town over. My mom had saw an article about them in the paper and said we should check it out. It was a cute little farm with a hill full of trees and an adorable barn that was decorated all up for the holidays. They had a little calf in the barn and offered complimentary hot chocolate and cookies, too.

It was also the quickest we’ve ever picked out a tree. Normally it’s an hour in the field with my dad going between seven different ones, but my mom and I agreed on the one below for this year.

(Sassing my dad for getting in the shot)

Aside from my dad cracking the tree base, decorating the tree in the dining room went smoothly. My mom leaves it all up to me, so it typically turns out pretty tacky – but I love it.

Hope everything is having a great December! What is everyone’s favorite part of the holiday season?

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