How I’m Surviving the Off Season

We’ve been without baseball for about a month. And not much has happened. Well, until yesterday when the biggest news of the off season broke: Cespedes resigned with the Mets. 


Some other news that has happened:

  • Angels acquired Cameron Maybin from the Tigers
  • Red Sox picked up Clay Buchholz’s 2017 contract option (don’t even get me started on that)
  • Beloved Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo was named the new Diamondbacks manager 😦
  • Andrew Bailey (who is still playing!!) resigned with the Angels
  • R.A. Dickey signed a one year contract with the Braves
  • Will Middlebrooks (!!!) signed with the Rangers
  • Brian McCann was traded to the Astros
  • Braves also signed Bartolo Colon #BigSexy
  • Josh Reddick (aka Nose Bleed) signed with the Astros
  • Jon Jay signed with the Cubs
  • Jason Castro is with the Twins for the next three years

(Which prompted a pretty great tweet from Craig Goldstein… Castro played on the Astros last year in case you need some background information)

  • A bunch of guys got reinstated from the DL (what better time than the off season?) and moved to the minors (sorry bud) or DFA’d

Winter meetings are starting on Sunday and I recently learned that they are actually put on by minor league teams and not actually MLB. The CBA is up for renegotation, and of course no one can agree on anything.

So it’s safe to say nothing really exciting has happened yet, so here is now I’ve been spending the off season:

  • Hanging out with my dogs
  • Not having heart attacks from high pressure situations (example: Buchholz loading the bases)
  • Not thinking about Buchholz and how he would load the bases
  • Missing the Brockstar
  • Crying my way through my first semester of grad school and working full time
  • Failing miserably at my Tinder and Bumble game
  • Watching a lot of NCIS and writing a story no one will probably read (9th grade me would be proud)
  • Dealing with the fact that the Giants don’t suck this year!!! (for now)

So it’d be wicked cool if baseball people could do baseball things in Dallas next week. As long as none of it involves my Sox (unless you wanna get rid of Buchholz, then that’d be okay). In the mean time, I’ll be counting down the days until spring training.

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