I’m a sucker for anything baseball – obviously – and I love baseball t-shirts. So it was only fitting that I bought a Party At Napoli’s t-shirt a few weeks ago. And it came yesterday.

party at napolis.PNG

I do miss Mike Napoli when he used to play for the Red Sox because he was part of the bearded brothers that brought home another World Series trophy. I didn’t really know about the whole “Party At Napoli’s” thing until about a few weeks ago when I saw Mike and other players wearing the t-shirts and the saying going around on Twitter.

It started with a Twitter user, HipsterTito, who loves the Indians and went to the park with a “Party At Napoli’s” sign and it caught on with fans and Tribe Vibe, the MLB Pro Blog for the Indians. There were originally handmade shirts until 108Stiches made their own version, as a partner with the MLB Players Association. Napoli was totally on board and requested some of the proceeds go to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

I’m pretty pumped about having the shirt now, because who wouldn’t want to party with Napoli? I mean the man walked around Boston drunk and shirtless after the 2013 World Series.



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