Time For A Change

I was lucky enough to get the weekend off, but I had to cover Thursday night (since everyone was at the FGL concert) and I worked last night. I didn’t have any plans for today, and I figured I could redecorate a little.

I have a wall over my bed where I had a bunch of pictures from high school when I managed the baseball team.

I tried my best to use most of the hooks that were already in the wall, but my parents had to help me add a few and patch the holes. There were some canvases I had painted for school that I hung up, along with my graduation cap, cords, and a picture frame.

I really like how it came out! The canvas on the right with the dog on it says “Golden Brewing Company” and I found it at Marshall’s this morning. It’s adorable, especially since I have a Golden Retriever.

In between hanging everything up (well, while I was waiting for my dad to get home so he could drill in the hooks for my cap and cords), I pulled everything out from under my bed. The majority of it was everything from my four years of college: notebooks, folders, papers, tests, etc. It was so weird to look back at all of the work I had done. Stuff from freshman year seemed so long ago, and it’s still crazy to think I graduated almost two months ago.

Is anyone up to anything fun this weekend? Or do any DIY projects lately?


  1. I have the same feeling when looking through old papers and assignments. I usually end up thinking, “wow, I was pretty bad at writing essays back then” haha.

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