A Letter to Freshman Year Me

Dear Freshman Becky,

As I’m in my last semester of college, I have been looking back at everything I’ve been through. I never thought I’d end up where I am now, but it’s possible.

Well, let’s start with the good news: you don’t commute forever. You’re going to hate it freshman year, and you’re going to hate Dad for making you, and he knows that you don’t like that you have to. But you need to. You weren’t ready to be on your own yet. When you think about living on campus, Dad will support you, but it’ll take a little while for Mom to come around. But she will. It’s just hard for her to imagine you leaving the house and being on your own.

You will have friends come and go. And it’s okay. It might be hard, but you will find those who have your best interest at heart. You’ll learn to surround yourself with good people.

You’re going to step out of your comfort zone and sign up for activities. You realize that you needed a change in your life and something to keep you from commuting second semester sophomore year. Not only will you make a bunch of new friends, but you will be able to see what you are capable of. You take on new leadership positions that you never though you would do. That’s something to be proud of. (PS: You’ll get to meet Andy Grammer and Gabriel Iglesias).

This might come as a shock, but you’re going to find love. You’ll meet someone who puts up with your sarcasm and gives it right back to you. Your parents will really like him (and so will the pets). You’ll go on adventures, and you’ll even conquer your fear of driving on the highway – and through Hartford. You will give it your all, because that’s the kind of person you are. He will be a great first boyfriend for you. That being said, you will also suffer your first heart break. But that doesn’t mean you two aren’t good people. You are simply at different points in your lives.

You will see yourself at your worst, but you are the only one who can help you. It might feel like you haven’t made any progress. You have, though. It just takes a while to see how you’ve changed. Bad things happen so good things can come along. Just wait a little bit and see what happens.

You’ll learn how to fend for yourself, meaning laundry and cooking. Laundry isn’t that scary (just make sure you do it weekly). Pinterest is really good for recipes, and you’ll master a few good ones, don’t worry.

Starting junior year, you start going to the gym. Yeah, I know, shocker. And you run. Living with athletes gives you the motivation to go. Be proud of yourself.

You’ll be successful in your classes, and you’ll get better at giving speeches. It’s not that scary. You’ll end up in two unpaid internships, but be grateful for the experience and the new connections you have (and you’ll get to spend a summer with college baseball players – your favorite).

You’ll have two jobs on campus (PS: you don’t qualify for federal work study, so don’t even bother checking the box on FAFSA). One will be making bulletin boards for Student Activities, and the other will be in Athletic Communications as a student assistant with the SID. It’ll be manageable, and it’ll keep you busy (plus seeing your name in a byline on the athletics website is pretty cool).

You’ll make it to your seventh year of scooping ice cream. Those girls will be your family, and you’ll look forward to coming home on the weekend to see them, mostly to vent and share stories. Plus eating your feelings after a hard week is a bonus.

The Red Sox will win the World Series in 2013, and you’ll cry when they do. They will still be your entire life, so watch as many games as you can. The Giants will continue to suck, don’t get your hopes up. As for Alabama, they be the first team to make it to the College Football Playoffs twice (yeah, there’s not BCS anymore), win the SEC back to back, and bring home a fourth National Championship trophy in seven years. They will become your children as you watch them from their freshman years into the NFL draft.

You will have achieved great things by your senior year. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to have so many new opportunities, and you’ll grow as a person. Four years might seem too far away as a freshman, but it comes quicker than you’d think. Enjoy every moment.

Forever a Golden Bear,

Senior Becky



  1. Wow! I’m almost done with my sophomore year…. I can’t wait for it to be over! I’m looking forward to the new changes the next 2 years will bring though 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to write a blog post like this!

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  2. I loved this! I actually just did a post reflecting back on freshman year today. It crazy to see how much you grow in such a short amount of time but it really is all worth it in the end when you get to know yourself and love yourself even more! I look forward to reading more of your blog! Blessings! ❤

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    • Thank you! I thought it was a good post to make for myself to see everything I’ve accomplished over the last four years because I definitely didn’t think freshman year I’d be where I am today. Thanks again! 🙂

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