Black Monday is Upon Us

Black Monday (noun): the day after the final game of the NFL regular season where organizations make drastic personnel changes.

This Black Monday wasn’t any different than those in the past.

Not sure if this could fall under “Black Monday” but the Eagles fired head coach Chip Kelly Tuesday before the final game of the season. The Eagles have missed the last two playoffs. Just go back to college, Chip.

Teams got a start on the firing process last night as the 49ers and Browns announced that they were parting ways with their respective coaches. The 49ers finished 5-11, not making the play offs again, the second time since 2013.

The Browns also finished 3-13, however, they faced drama with their quarterback situation, specifically Johnny Manziel. Drafted at No. 23 in the 2014 draft, Manziel came out of Texas A&M as a star, already with the nickname of “Johnny Football.” However, he seemed to struggle once he got to the NFL, and he hadn’t even stepped foot on the field yet. His inappropriate behavior and lack of common sense came with him to the pros. During the 2015 off season, he checked himself into rehab for alcohol. Once the regular season had began, Manziel was pulled over by police for fighting with his girlfriend in his car. After he was announced as the Browns’ starter in the end of November, he was demoted to third string after a video of him partying appeared online. Then just as recently as January 2, 2016, he was seen partying in Las Vegas, the night before the Browns last game of the 2015 season; he did not play because of a concussion. It seems like every time you turned around, Manziel was getting himself in trouble for something. He was very good when he was in college; I would know because Alabama played against A&M and lost to Manziel. I personally think he left college too young and should have stayed to mature before being put in the spotlight of the NFL.

And then, announced this afternoon, Tom Coughlin has parted ways with the Giants. He wasn’t fired; he stepped down from his position because he knew changes were going to be made since the Giants finished their third losing season. Coughlin will be best remembered for leading the Giants to two Super Bowl Championships – 2007 and 2011 – both against the Patriots; the 2007 Super Bowl win spoiled the Pats’ undefeated season. The Giants put up a fight this season and had decent leads going into the 4th quarter, however managed to lose in the last 2 minutes.

Coughlin is the only Giants coach I have known, so I’m sad to see him leave. But I understand why it was necessary for him to step down because the team was struggling. I hope he finds another great team, and I wish him the best.

The day is far from being over, so I wonder what other big moves the NFL will make. No one is safe.

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