My real name is Rebecca, however, I deem it too fancy for myself. So I go by Becky, but also answer to Beckster and Beck-Beck.

I have an official master’s degree in Communication and an unofficial master’s degree in yelling about sports.

I’m the Digital/Social Media Specialist at a university, which means you can find me at campus events on my phone or getting mistaken for a student. I’m a huge sports fan and proud of it. I’m a Boston Red Sox, New York Giants, and an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. I’m also a runner, a nighttime reader, a part-time writer, and someone who loves a good Netflix binge.

Some of my accomplishments include running an 8:41 mile once with exercise-induced asthma, knowing too much about the Watergate scandal (for fun), finding the very few episodes of Law & Order: SVU that I haven’t seen yet out of 22 seasons, and being hit with a foul ball at a baseball game.

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  1. Thanks so much for following our site, Becky! We’re so happy to have found your blog and connected with you. Some seriously great stuff here! BTW – We wanted to inform you that we’ve recently moved sites and are now located on wordpress.org! Feel free to come check us out at ell-creative.co!! Thanks again, and happy writing 🙂


    • So long story short: four summers ago I interned with a summer collegiate baseball team and went back the following summer to see a game as a fan. My friend and I sat on the first base line, and there was like a foot gap between the end of the back stop fence and the other protective fence. And somehow a foul ball made its way in that gap and I got hit in the leg with it. Everyone around me was freaking out and asked if I had come to games before. I was like “I interned here last summer. Welcome back to me.” Thankfully it didn’t bruise but I didn’t let my friend live it down for a while because he wasn’t paying attention when I got hit.

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      • Oh man! What are the odds of that happening twice. Kudos to you for placing blame on your friend though, that’s completely his fault haha. I feel like at the major league level, they’re really pressing their luck by not having the netting extend down the first base lines. Sooo many people don’t pay attention these days, I cringe every time a line drive goes into the crowd.


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