Working for the Weekend

I briefly talked about this in my last diary post, but I had seen a video online that I wish I’d saved so I could link to it, but it’s probably lost out in the TikTok FYP universe. But I feel seen, and I’m not sure I like it.

The video broke down the day into a pie chart by hours, and that chart was broken into the hours we work and the hours we sleep. The video creator asked in the few hours we’re not working or sleeping, how are we supposed to do it all?

I don’t think I really felt this way when I lived at home, but since moving out and into my own place with new and more responsibilities, I’m definitely feeling like, how am I supposed to do everything in 24 hours? I’ve worked hard since I bought my condo to figure out a routine that works for me—and now that routine has changed a bit since I got a roommate.

But, since Josh moved in, he’s able to help with chores and be someone for me to lean on so that I’m not doing it all on my own. (But I am glad I had a year and a half to live on my own and to learn how to care for myself that way.) Thank God he’s around now to vacuum because it’s something I absolutely hate doing. 

Something I’ve been trying to do this month—and hopefully going forward—is to give myself something to look forward to after work, besides coming home, eating dinner, and laying on the couch. As tempting as that is, and sometimes you just need to do that, I’m trying to do one little activity so it doesn’t feel like I’m completely wasting my work day.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had things to do with the theater group I volunteer with. Two weeks ago, I went to a dress rehearsal for their February show, The Bridges of Madison County, to get videos to put together a promo trailer. And last week, the group had a Black History Month concert at a church in town. So I can always count on having something to work on for the group since I’m part of the publicity committee.

I’ve been reading on the couch after dinner while Josh watches his shows—and I provide unwanted commentary based on my thoughts of a show I’ve never seen before, like last night with The Last Of Us. I’m also back to using the stationary bike after work; I took a week off when I was sick in the beginning of the month. I use that time to catch up on one of my new shows, and I always feel better after a workout. Once it starts to get nice out, I’m looking forward to going for walks after dinner in the neighborhood.

Josh and I have to start planning for our trip to Washington, D.C. in June, so I think we could work this into a weekly planning meeting, and something to look forward to. I have to start putting together a list of things I have to do—most importantly getting luggage for the plane trip—but we also have to figure out what we want to do and when. (The hotel and flights are already booked thanks to Josh moonlighting as a travel agent.)

So basically what it comes down to is that during the week, all I feel I do is work and sleep, and I want to actually enjoy my free time, and not just on the weekends. (Although I spent most of last weekend as a blanket burrito on the couch, which was really nice.)


  1. Good for you! It’s particularly hard this time with it being cold and dark after work to want to do anything, but being mindful and intentional with how you’re spending your free-time can only be beneficial. I didn’t know you’re going to DC!! If you are looking for recommendations, I highly suggest the Spy Museum. And though I’ve not been to any other MLB game and not sure what each team/stadium does, the Nats have a Running of the Presidents at some point during a game which is hysterical!

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    • Yeah, the cold and gloominess isn’t helping at all 🙃 and yes!! We’ve had the hotel and flights booked for a while and we’re now starting to plan. Like we started tonight just mapping out a few things. Thanks for the recs! I’m super excited to go 🙂

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