Catching Up Over Coffee: January 2023


Josh moved in during the first weekend of the month, and so far so good. I mean, it’s definitely an adjustment for the both of us, but we’re taking our time in getting settled and into a routine with our schedules. We also celebrated our 1.5 year anniversary with a cute afternoon trip to Deerfield, MA.

Josh’s work had their holiday party earlier this month, and I got to be his plus one! It was at the air museum near the local airport, and it was really cool to dine amongst WWII-style planes. There was a cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeuvres and then a seated dinner before the dance floor opened up.

I got to meet his co-workers, and I got to wear a sparkly dress. It was so much fun.

The theater group I volunteer with put on a concert with songs from some of their recent and upcoming shows (like RENT, The Little Mermaid, next to normal, The Bridges of Madison County, and Hunchback of Notre Dame). Everyone is so talented and I am so jealous. I also went to a surprise birthday party for one of the group’s members, which was a lot of fun. I’m really glad my friend from work got me involved with this group two years ago now; everyone I’ve met has been so nice and welcoming. I have no theater talent whatsoever, but I like working on the publicity committee and seeing the shows come to life. So folks: support local theater!!!!

And now it appears I have the start of a cold ☹️ I tested negative for COVID but I’m going to work from home this week to be on the safe side. Josh and I are trying our best to avoid each other in the condo, and I’ve been wearing a mask when I do have to be around him.


I’ve been in a steady routine of riding the stationary bike three times a week, usually between 45 and 60 minutes. I can’t wait until it’s warmer out so I can go on walks.


In my December recap, I said that I had made it to the final round of our fantasy football playoffs and that I had a very good chance of losing. Well, somehow I won???? I think everyone was surprised. I finished the regular season with a 7-7 record and won three games in the playoffs to win it all. I have no clue how I did it but it felt really good after finishing terribly in every previous season.

My Giants had a good run, making it to the playoffs and winning the wild card game against the Vikings. I was hoping for more of an actual game against the Eagles, but I doubted the Giants were going to win. Regardless, I’m proud of this team this season.

I’m not really looking forward to an Eagles/Chiefs Super Bowl, but I’ll still have my annual pre- and post-Super Bowl posts for the big game.

What I’m Watching


  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • FBI
  • FBI: Most Wanted
  • New Amsterdam
  • Law & Order (both the new episodes and a ton of re-runs)
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Law & Order: Organized Crime
  • Alert: Missing Persons Unit
  • Accused
  • Will Trent
  • East New York


  • Dynasty (S4E4)
  • Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street
  • Arrested Development (S1E1-S1E4)


  • Abbott Elementary (S1E1-S2E13)

Amazon Prime

  • Three Pines (S1E5-S1E8)

What I’m Reading

  • Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson: 2 stars
  • Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman: 2 stars
  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry: 5 stars
  • The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny: 5 stars
  • The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai: 5 stars

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