How Fantasy Football Has (Temporarily) Affected Our Relationship

This is my fourth season doing fantasy football with some fine blogger folks, and this is my best season so far. But the one new thing that happened this season?

Josh joined our league.

When Intercontinental Football League commissioner, Paul, reached out to Cass and I prior to the season to remind us that fantasy would be starting up again, Cass had to bow out due to her wedding (but congrats to the happy couple!!!). We’d be short one team for the season, and in an attempt to get 10 total teams for the league, Paul asked me if Josh would be interested in joining.

Obviously, Josh knows about my blog and that I have blog friends, so it’s not like I had to explain that to him. But it was a bit weird to be like, “Hey, so, wanna join my fantasy football league with my internet friends?” He instantly said yes, and I let Paul know Josh was in.

Unfortunately, our draft took place while Josh was over in Austria, so he set up auto-draft since he wasn’t going to stay up until 2:00 a.m. Austria time to do the draft. That meant I was on my own for the draft, and in typical Becky fashion, I waited until the afternoon of the draft to make my plan, even knowing I had the overall #1 pick.

One thing I don’t think Josh and I realized was that our teams would play each other twice during the season. That set up some strong competition between us. We decided to wager alcohol those two weeks we play each other: if I win, I get a bottle of wine, and if he wins, he gets a 4 pack of beer.

He offered to help me with my team outside of those two weeks—however, making an exception during week 2, during our first match-up.

The result of week 2 was me brutally beating Josh 160-91. This also happened at the same time I beat him in bowling, so he sulked around for the entire week. I did get a bottle of wine out of the deal, which I very much enjoyed.

We had some time in between our next match-up during week 11, this past week. I had a good run, going undefeated for a while before losing a few games, and Josh worked his way back up from an under .500 record. Prior to week 11, we were both 6-4 and tied for third place in the league standings.

He texted me this last week.

As of Sunday night, I was in the lead 110.8–94.26 with a 92% chance of winning, and Josh definitely wasn’t happy. And as of this morning—since we each had a player in Monday Night Football—I came out victorious, winning 135.2–119.68. Josh tried to give me the silent treatment this morning, but it didn’t last long. I’m now in second place at 7–4, and Josh is tied for fourth at 6–5.

So, if Josh and I end up breaking up over this fantasy league, you can blame Paul and Cass. JK guys!!!!!! But guess who’s getting a bottle of wine????

(Me. It’s me.)


  1. This was great. I’m praying for a playoff matchup between you two just for the storyline of it all. Will Josh win when it matters most, or will Becky sweep the series and be able to brag until next year? So glad you’re both in the league.

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    • I’m glad we can be entertainment for the league 😂 but we were joking about being in the playoffs together and we were like, can we handle this? This fantasy league will be the true testament to our relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

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