Condo Chronicles: Fall Decorating

I’m surprised I made it this far into September before pulling out my fall decorations. I think last year I put them up right after Labor Day, but I let myself do that since it was my first fall in the condo. Now it’s turning into “Oh, wait, I don’t remember how I got this” because I’ve acquired a lot of fall decorations.

Yesterday, Josh helped me get the decorations out of my basement and supervised me as I stood in my living room with football on the TV, wondering where I was going to put everything. I have more furniture now than I did this time last year, so I couldn’t really replicate last year’s set-up.

Soon, you’ll see a pattern in where I’ve gotten my decor from: it’s either from my mom’s seasonal closetTM or my mom ordered it from QVC. (Thanks, Mom!)

The garland around the light is from my mom, and she also ordered me the tree on the table from QVC. (She got one for herself, too.)

The 3-stacked pumpkin is from Michael’s, my mom made the twine pumpkin, and I think the far pumpkin on the right is from Target.

The lantern with the light-up candle is something my mom ordered from QVC (it’s part of a set of three), and the pumpkin behind it is from the seasonal closet.

The fake flowers and vase were a gift from my grandparents after I moved in last year. I like how it looks, but since it’s so tall I have to put it on the sofa table behind my loveseat. I made the fake flowers in the metal bucket last fall, and I got all of the materials from the Dollar Store. I think it cost me $12 total when you could buy that for $20+. The candle is from my mom. I have a basket on that side table’s shelf below that holds my other seasonal candles since I like to swap them out.

The pumpkin blanket is something my mom ordered from QVC. (The teal one underneath it is from Walmart; I kept it out since it sort of went with the fall blanket colors.)

The light-up pumpkin is from the seasonal closet, and I bought the “Boo” sign at Michael’s.

I also put a pumpkin on my bathroom counter, and I have two little light-up pumpkins on the window sill by my desk in the office. I swapped out the hanger on my door from the summer one to a happy harvest sign; I get all of my door signs from the Dollar Store.

So lots of pumpkins is the theme this year. I don’t really like anything spooky, but I like general fall decor that I can keep up for a couple of months. I have a few Thanksgiving items that I’ll put out after Halloween, but all of the pumpkins still stay up until I decorate for Christmas.


  1. My version of decorating for fall is not raking the leaves in the yard and breaking out my collection of fall scented candles. Sometime we carve pumpkins and put them on the front porch, but that’s only for a couple weeks close to Halloween. Your tv console looks so cute!

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    • I think of all the candle scents, fall ones are my favorite. And funny story about the tv stand: Josh and I built that together not even a week into our official relationship. It took us an hour and a half to put together, and we were like, well we made it through this, we should be fine 😅

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