New Year, Same Me

Happy 2022! Although it still feels like March 702, 2020.

I sort of got the idea for this post from Paul‘s Share Your Blog event. He encourages his followers to share some facts about themselves and link back to their blog. I’ve participated in the event every year, but I figured I’d make a longer post on my own blog for anyone who’s new to following me or in case anyone needs a refresher of who I am.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I’d write little fiction stories—ones that I would actually finish—and I’ve also tried to write fiction as I’ve gotten older—but I’ve only finished one. I’ve had Strikeouts + Sprinkles since college but I really only started writing more consistently since 2018. I really enjoy having my blog as an outlet to write about whatever I want and it’s cool to be able to look back on posts as my own personal archive.

I’ve been a baseball fan ever since I was in elementary school. I remember having a folder with Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Vladimir Guerrero, and Ivan Rodriguez as well as an easy-to-read chapter book about Sosa and McGwire. I didn’t find a team to follow until middle school when I became a Boston Red Sox fan. My passion for baseball allowed me to become the manager of my high school’s varsity baseball team for two years, which I absolutely loved. Around the same time in middle school, I became a New York Giants fan, and in high school, I became an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. I am aware that other sports exist, but baseball and football are my main two and cause me a lot of heartbreak.

I’ve never flown on a plane, I hate going through drive-thrus, and I’ve never broken a bone; the closest I’ve gotten was spraining my ankle during my senior year of college.

I’m a runner with exercise-induced asthma. To date, I’ve run 14 5Ks (2 were virtual last year), 2 10Ks (both virtual last year), 1 four-mile run, and 1 one-mile run. I’m the furthest from the world’s fastest runner, but I’ve found it to be a somewhat enjoyable hobby. My ultimate life goal is to run a half marathon, but for now, I’m perfectly okay with running a handful of 5Ks a year.

I’m a bookworm and love to read. I was an early reader; my first memory was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my dad. I cherish my trips to the library and recently found used book stores last year, which I’m obsessed with. I started keeping track of my reading more seriously in 2019, a year in which I read 64 books. I read 84 books in 2020—thanks COVID—and read 48 last year in 2021. I always carry a book with me when I go out, and I always try to read before bed. And I’m a complete supporter of having a pile of emotional support books that you may never read.

I’m an only child; I’ve grown up always having at least one dog and one cat; I’ve met Buster Olney, Andy Grammar, and Dan + Shay; I believe in position players pitching and bullpen carts; I’m obsessed with the Watergate scandal; I volunteer with a local theater group on the publicity committee; I had my first high school job for 11 years at an ice cream shop; and I met my current boyfriend on Hinge.

Both of my degrees—bachelor’s and master’s—are in the same thing: Communication with a concentration in public relations. After graduating with my bachelor’s, I worked at a marketing agency for almost two and a half years as an account manager before getting my master’s degree and changing jobs to work at my alma mater in the marketing department. I’ve been there for a little over three years, first as a web content coordinator and now as a digital/social media specialist. So that means you can find me at campus events on my phone or getting mistaken for a student.

My favorite food involves anything with pasta and cheese; I love craft beer; I started drinking coffee in the summer of 2020; I have seasonal allergies but thankfully not allergic to any food or pets; I paint my own nails; I always wear socks to bed; and my favorite TV show is Law & Order: SVU.

I’m going to encourage anyone to share a fun fact about themselves in the comments, and don’t forget to grab a goodie bag on your way out!


  1. Wow! That’s so cool that you are also an only child. I never liked being an only child and always had a a pet growing up. To this day, I still insist on having a pet. I have a pet cat 🐈‍⬛

    I have 2 degrees as well but my degrees are in different fields. Similar to you, I met my husband online, on an app called OkCupid. Thank you for sharing this blog post 🙂 In many ways I can relate!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always considered my pets my “siblings” growing up, and now that I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, I still go back every couple of weeks to see the pets. It’s cool to see we have some things in common!


  2. Just reading “I always wear socks to bed” made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. How!? I can’t wear socks by themselves (without shoes) or my feet feel like they’re being strangled.

    I can juggle, I ride a motorcycle, and I’m allergic to alcohol. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Apparently wearing socks to bed is a pretty controversial topic 😅 The thought of my bare feet touching at night just freaks me out for some reason. I usually wear socks around the house regardless and I’ve been wearing them to bed for as long as I can remember.


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