Four Day Weekend

About a month ago, Josh and I made plans to go to Tree House Brewery because we hadn’t been back since we made our relationship official. We were on our fall fun kick and wanted to go when the trees would be changing. Based on my work schedule and the days Josh has off from work, we agreed upon Monday, October 25 to head out to the brewery, and I’d take off that Tuesday too just in case we wanted to do something else.

Well, a few weeks before my scheduled long weekend, Josh applied for and got a new job, and his first day was going to be Monday, October 25. I’m super happy for him and his new job but was also super sad we wouldn’t be able to go to Tree House. Regardless, we had a fun weekend together Saturday and Sunday before I now had two days off to myself.


My friend has a friend of hers who volunteers with a dog rescue, and they were having a fundraiser at a brewery. I went with her last year to the event—it was my first real venture out last fall—and I said I was in for this year, too. She invited Josh to come, and he was able to make it after work; she was the last of my friends to get to meet him. One of our other friends/co-workers was there, too, and it was fun to hang out with them, have beer, and pet some dogs.

Most of the dogs were in costumes for Halloween, and it was great. The event was outside—because of the dogs—and we ended up sitting by the gate where people were coming in. We were able to see all of the pups arrive, and, of course, we tried to pet all of them.

After the event and a couple of beers, Josh and I went out to dinner before coming back to my condo, eating some ice cream, and going to bed at 9:00 p.m.


Josh’s best friend invited us over to his house for a party/get-together/gathering in the afternoon, and after asking the important questions—is everyone vaccinated? (yes), will there be food? (yes), and will Luna, their dog, be there? (yes)—I said I’d go.

There were about 10 of us there, and Luna—pictured with me on the couch—was loving all of the attention. Josh and I stayed from about 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. since he had his first day of work the next day.


I met my mom in the morning to go shopping. Our first stop was Home Depot so I could get bathroom accessories to match the towel ring I bought when I first moved in; I needed to get two towel bars and a toilet paper holder, and I ended up getting a new facuet too. I want to replace everything so it’s black instead of the silver accessories that are there now.

Then we went to Home Sense to look at things to hang on my living room walls. Those walls are pretty big, and I didn’t already have anything to put up. I got the horizontal flower piece and the mirror from there, and the two geometric pieces from TJ Maxx. My parents are coming over this weekend to hang them up for me.

While we were in Home Sense, I got some Christmas pillows and a blanket to put out. I’ll probably get a few Christmas decorations from my mom but I also want to go to the Dollar Store or even back to Home Sense to get some other decorations. I thought getting cute pillows for the holidays would help really make my condo look like Christmas threw up in it.

My mom and I went to lunch, and then I came home for the afternoon. I ended up laying on the couch and watching TV for the rest of the day. I caught up some shows in my YouTube TV library and started back watching Pose on Netflix.


This was a rainy, cold day, so it was a perfect day to stay inside. I painted my nails, read a bit, worked on my new cross stitch, and watched TV before going to my parents for dinner. I was looking forward to having my alone time but also going home and seeing the pets.

I’m fully leaning into anything cozy, so I’m into comfy pants, sweatshirts, blankets, and burning candles. It’s definitely fall here now, and it’s getting cooler and a bit rainy. I’m looking forward to cross stitching and curling up on the couch with a book.

Although unexpected, I’m glad I had this four day weekend with a few days to myself. After spending time out with friends, the introvert in me likes being able to re-charge and take full advantage of everything cozy.


  1. Sounds like a fun four days! I’ll never forget the first Christmas in my own apartment. I spent a day making homemade ornaments with my older sister, using various scraps of fabric and old jewelry pieces. Some of them I still have and put on the tree every year. They are over 40 years old! Definitely some of my most treasured items, especially since my sister passed away. Cute blanket with the doggie reindeer.

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