Living Alone

This week is week 3 of officially living in my condo and living on my own for the first time in my life. I was nervous as my moving date crept up because I’ve never been on my own before. Sure, I lived at college for 3 years, but I had roommates. Now I’m completely on my own.

And I actually sort of like it.

I still feel like I’m trying to catch my breath after moving, still setting up the condo, dealing with replacing my hot water tank, and going back to work in the office. It’s been hectic and one thing I’ve found myself looking forward to is quiet time at night by myself.

Here’s a short—but probably growing list—of things I’ve learned while living alone or enjoy:

I swear all I do is dishes. Granted, the condo came with a dishwasher, but I don’t know how to use it—I didn’t have one at home with my parents—so I’m hand washing all of my dishes. Which isn’t too bad since it’s just me but when I cook or meal prep, the dishes add up.

Laundry isn’t terrible? And I find it weirdly satisfying? I’m super happy that the washer and dryer came with the condo and is on the same floor right next to each other—they’re in the short hallway between the main bathroom and my bedroom—and I can just put in a load and do other things and not have to worry about getting it on time or losing any pieces of clothing.

I absolutely love my air fryer. I got one on Prime Day and it’s great. You can basically cook anything in there, and it’s great since I just have to cook for myself.

I’m okay sleeping on my own. It was weird the first few nights and I thought it’d be like when I’d first go back to college and have to sleep in a new place, but this time around, I had my bedroom furniture from my parents’ house, so I was still sleeping in my regular bed. I’ve gotten used to the random noises, so now I’m pretty good sleeping here.

One of my fears when it came to moving out was meals. I had the luxury of having most of my meals made at home—thanks, mom!—so I was freaking out a bit that I’d have to cook on my own. So each week, I’ll plan out my meals for each day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and base my grocery list on that. Breakfast is pretty easy, but it’s lunches and dinner that trip me up. And especially since I’m back in the office, I have to bring my lunches with me. I’ve found some easy meal prep options of things I can make on Sundays and put together the night before work. As for dinner, I’m doing okay but will probably find some recipes that will give me leftovers for the next night.

It’s okay to call home and ask dumb questions! I’ve already called my parents and asked how to set the AC, how to use the dryer, how to cook chicken in the air fryer, and I’m sure I’m missing some other random things.

I’ve become more patient with myself. This might sound weird but I’ve been working on not overwhelming myself with things I need to do or letting something slide. Like I don’t want to wash those dishes right now? As long as they’re not super gross, they can sit in the sink for a while. Or my running clothes are still hanging up in the bathroom? Let them for a few days; it’s not hurting anyone. And it’s okay if cooking takes me longer than I thought—I’m still learning.

I can do laundry whenever I want. I’ve been doing it on weekend afternoons, but I could do it at 10:00 pm and it wouldn’t matter. That’s the kind of freedom I have now that I like. I can also shower whenever I want and hog the bathroom all I want.

So overall, so far so good. Aside from having to completely replace my hot water tank, but at least I have hot water now! If you had asked me in January if I thought I’d be happy living on my own, I’d say you’re crazy, but I actually enjoy it.


  1. Again, congrats to you! I remember living in my first apartment by myself and experiencing the joy of all those things except I had to go to a laundromat to do the laundry. Meal prep is a really good idea, especially when you are working and I totally recommend getting a book (or finding online) ideas for “once a week cooking” where you shop on Saturday, cook on Sunday and have meals for a week. Also kind of a good idea to keep a homeowner’s journal with the dates and info about when you change things (such as your water heater), names of paint that you use, etc.

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    • I finally ordered a filing cabinet and will get it this week so I’ll definitely have a folder in there with all of the important information, like the new water heater and other things I’ll do around here. Meal prep on the weekends is a bit of a pain but it’s so much easier during the week so it’s worth it in the end haha.

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  2. I lived on my own for almost 2 years and it was the best. I had a tiny apartment and it was just me and my bunny. I would probably still be there if I hadn’t met my husband.

    Another appliance I would highly recommend that would for sure come in handy for meal prepping is a crockpot. Especially in the colder months, you just put everything in in the morning and set it on low and when you come back home from work, FOOD! It’s the best!

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