One Good Thing: Week of Feb. 14

My dog Sadie Mae went to the groomers on Friday, and she came back a bit shorter than we wanted… She got her summer cut in February. So we’re trying our best to keep her warm until her fur grows back. That includes keeping an extra blanket on her bed and dressing her up in sweatshirts and sweaters.

So I’m not sure if this One Good Thing is necessarily good for Sadie but I hope it makes you guys smile. Because I’ve been laughing at her since she came home.

What’s one good thing that’s happened in the last week for you?


  1. Oh goodness she is ADORABLE!

    My good thing was that it was a short week! 😃😃 Only had to work Mon-Wed followed by a 5 day weekend AAAANNNNDDDD on Tuesday when we go back to work, we legit get to go back! To the building! I know that’s technically the good things for two weeks but I think thats ok haha

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  2. Your dog is so cute!

    One good thing that happened last week was that it was Valentine’s Day and I had a blast.

    All the best, Michelle (

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