One Good Thing: Week of Jan. 3

My One Good Thing for this week is that it’s not 2020 anymore! I knew that a flip of a switch wasn’t going to happen at midnight on Friday but it’s nice that it’s a new year. I’m optimistic about the vaccine and hopefully better measures being implemented regarding the pandemic, but we still have to do our part—wear a mask folks and stay home if you can!!!

I did set some resolutions for 2021 but they’re sort of vague—especially my running goals—since I don’t really know what the year will bring. I’m just hoping for continued health and safety and taking it one day at a time. I’m not into a big restart to the year—like making drastic changes—but I like to reflect on the past year and just tweak a few things in my life.

What was one good thing that happened in the past week?


  1. My fitbit arrived! Pretty excited about it and am already obsessed with checking it and uploading water intake. Its got me to start yoga again which made me have to order a new, thicker mat 😂 and I got my first video up on my new instagram profile! Didn’t realize there was a time limit for such videos and it got cut short, but I know for next time!! Its been a good week!

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    • Woo hoo for a new Fitbit! I have one and love it.

      Instagram video tip: videos as a regular post can’t be longer than one minute, and if anything is over that, you can upload it as an IGTV video; it’ll give you the option to upload it as either a post or IGTV. IGTV videos will show up as another option on your profile, in the tabs where you can get to your grid posts and tagged photos of you.

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