One Good Thing: Week of Dec. 6

My One Good Thing for this past week is nighttime walks! I sometimes get restless after dinner and hours before bedtime, so my mom and I have been going on walks at night in our neighborhood. We bundle up and bring a flashlight with us.

People in the neighborhood started to put up their Christmas lights around Thanksgiving, or if you’re my house, we put up our lights outside in the middle of November. We like to see if any new lights/inflatables/other fun festive things have been put up since we were last out. We normally walk for a mile or so but one night we walked over two miles to see some of the houses. I’m here for all of the festive Christmas decorations!

We usually just put up a few strands of blinking lights on the fence in front of my house and the pole on my front porch. A couple of years ago, we had two inflatables—a snowman and a reindeer—and I was so excited because they were so cute. Until one night we turned the lights on and one of the inflatables didn’t inflate. Come to find out the cord was chewed, and we think bunnies were the culprits. We took that one in, and a few days later the other inflatable had a chewed cord. So we have accepted our fate with inflatables 😕

What was one good thing that happened in the past week?


  1. My good thing: We started a new dismissal system at work on Thursday, and the first day I hated it cos I was grumps after a thing with the man, but then Friday I gave it a second chance and it was actually really good! Hoping tomorrow will be just as good!

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  2. You’re so lucky to be able to walk around at night in your neighbourhood. I can’t risk it here in South Africa, unfortunately.

    One good thing that happened last week is that it was my birthday 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (

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  3. I was actually listening to a radio show this morning where they were discussing why people’s Christmas inflatables are being chewed because apparently it’s a common occurrence, and a caller said that manufacturers are using some sort of grain insulation in the wires to save money. And it’s not just inflatable cords; he said that some car manufacturers are using them as well and are having the same issue, but people are paying thousands of dollars to fix those.

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