What I’ve Been Watching in Quarantine

I feel like my lifestyle was made for quarantine. I love staying home, so nothing really changed. Now that I’m home more, I’ve been watching a few new TV shows, especially since the ones I normally watch had seasons that were cut abruptly due to COVID. Here’s a list of some of the new shows I’ve started watching and enjoy!

North Woods Law

I’m obsessed with this show now. And I have no clue why. It’s about New Hampshire Fish and Game officers. I know who all of the officers are on the show, which ones have K9s, the dogs’ names, etc. Like my obsession is bad. Animal Planet shows a marathon every Sunday leading up to the new episode at 9:00 p.m., and you can bet I’m watching all day Sunday. There are also other spin-offs, like Lone Star Law in Texas and North West Law in Washington state, but I like North Woods Law the best.

The Zoo and The Aquarium

The Aquarium was one of the first new shows I started watching in March, and then I found out about The Zoo. The Aquarium is about the Georgia aquarium, and The Zoo is about the Bronx Zoo, and they’re both extremely calming. Back when quarantine first started, I stopped watching the news and needed something that was a distraction because the first few weeks were rough for me. Both The Zoo and The Aquarium met that need, and I’m still watching them! Highly recommend if you love animals.

Home Town

I used to watch this show when it was first one and somewhere along the way fell off. But I’m back on the Home Town bandwagon. Erin and Ben are just really calming and I like their style of decorating. HGTV did a few episodes of the show where Erin and Ben watched an episode along with the audience, which was cool, and also including some new episodes with home renovations.

Bargain Mansions

I didn’t realize this show has been on since 2017; I started watching it a little more than a month ago. Tamara Day makes over neglected large homes in Kansas City. I like older homes, and it’s cool to see how she completely remakes the houses. I’m watching a lot of HGVT for someone who still lives at home and doesn’t know when she’s moving out…

Celebrity Watch Party

Like five years ago, my mom and I watched this show on Bravo called The People’s Couch where you would watch people watch TV. We loved it and were sad when it was canceled. So when Celebrity Watch Party showed up on FOX a while ago, we were in from the very first minute. Some of the celebrities are the Osbourne family, Joe Buck and his wife, Raven-Symoné, Master P and Romeo, JoJo Siwa, Steve Wozniak, Curtis Stone, Tyra Banks and her mom, and Reggie Bush. They watch TV shows and movies that were on in the past week and provide their commentary. I’m not sure how long this show will last, but I love it.

What are some new shows you started watching in quarantine?


  1. I loved The People’s Couch! I got an old co-worker into it a few years back. She would spend her lunch hour sitting in her office with the door shut howling with laughter. Such good memories. 🙂

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