Miscellaneous Musings

This post is just going to be a brain dump of things I’m into, thinking about, or need to yell about. So enjoy!

Earlier this week, Instagram quietly got rid of it’s Activity Following tab aka where you could see who like whose picture or followed so-and-so aka the best place to internet stalk people. And now it’s gone. I’ve skimmed a few articles about it, and they said that people didn’t even know the tab was there?! Seriously? I’m upset Instagram got rid of it but I guess it’ll cut down on my overall time on the app since I’d get lost in the rabbit hole of seeing who liked someone’s picture and then creeping on their profile, etc.

I decorated my office for Halloween!

Friends who run outside in the cold: any advice?

Friends who run outside in the cold at night: any advice/suggestions about wearing lights or reflective things?

The sun is starting to set earlier and earlier, and soon enough it’ll feel like the sun never actually came up. I’ll need to run outside in the cold, and that might mean running outside in the dark 😦 Both sound miserable.

I’ve been listening to “Circles” by Post Malone on repeat.

I bought a planner! Well, I bought a new planner. I needed one for next year, so on my day off on Friday, I went to Marshall’s. I stood in the aisle for probably ten minutes looking at the different ones. It runs August 2019 to December 2020, so I already started using it and copied over some stuff from the planner I was previously using.

It has months and weeks, so I can see the overview of my month and also see each day of the week. I want to get better about keeping track of my to-do lists, and I’m planning to use the day sections to do that.

I’ve already decorated it with some stickers and will be adding on to it as time goes on.

I’m obsessed with the Baker Mayfield “At Home with Baker” Progressive commercials. Very very funny.

I currently have seven books out from two different libraries. Three are from the library on campus, and books taken out by staff are due on the last day of the semester—December 13—so I can hold onto them until then. My mom is reading one of the books I took out and already read, and I have two that are sitting on my desk at home currently unread. I have four out from the town library. One I finished and it has to go back before the end of the month. And the other three I got on Friday.

So I definitely don’t have a book problem, right?

My work-aversary is Tuesday! I’ll be at the university for one year, and it really feels like I never left. I’m still really happy there and sort of feel like I know what I’m doing (haha).

I won’t be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I just don’t have the time. I’ve been plugging along at the current story I have, but I don’t think I could write even close to 50,000—or even 25,000—words. If I have spare time, I think I’d rather put more miles on my sneakers.

Anything on your mind?


  1. Ah, I love planners and likewise spend forever picking them out! I should get one for work; my old job had smaller to-do lists that I could manage on my desk calendar, but it would be super handy to have an actual planner to use.

    I’m one of those people who were not really aware of that Instagram function and am now bummed I missed out on it!

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    • I really relied on planners while I was in college and kind of fell off once I finished with grad school. But I have to keep track of appointments and all that fun stuff, and I like to have something physical to write in, although I do put them on my phone, too.

      Whatt?! I still find myself trying to swipe left on the activity tab out of habit. It’s really bad haha.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, I’d prefer not to run at night and I’m going to see if I can work my running schedule around not doing it. Thankfully I have the indoor track on campus at work that I can run on during the winter after work so I don’t have to run at night.

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  2. […] Last fall I spent about 10 minutes standing in the planner aisle at Marshall’s to find a really great one for 2020 because I had all of these fun things planned. For the first few months of the year things seemed promising and I put in when the races were that I had signed up for and the day we were going to a Red Sox game in May. Come March and April, I was spending more time crossing out all of the fun things than putting any in. […]


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