Give Me All Of Your Questions!

Since life has gotten the best of me lately, I haven’t had that much time to blog. My birthday is Saturday, and in honor of my birthday, I thought I’d answer some of your questions!

I took questions back in the fall and would like to do it again! I’ll be taking questions until Saturday, May 25 at midnight and I’ll put together a post for Monday. Same rules apply: questions within reason and not too personal. The funnier/weirder, the better!

You can drop your questions in the comments belowww! 🙂


  1. What’s a super power that you have that no one knows about? Mine is the ability to open containers with peel off lids and 9/10 times screwing it up. Dipping sauce from a fast food place- lid rips down the middle. The safety seal on a jar of mayo or peanut butter- rips the pull tab off and I have to bust through the seal with a knife. I’m telling you, it’s a wonder I haven’t been found out by the government and studied!

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  2. 1. Have you ever received an order at the ice cream shop and thought it was a disgusting combination of flavours?
    2. How would your pets describe you? Feel free to answer this question by writing like your pets would.
    3. Do you believe there should be parks for adults with adult-sized slides and swings, or would that space be better served for something beneficial to kids?
    4. Did you ever get in trouble at school? For what?
    5. If you had 60 seconds to fill up a cart at Target, which sections do you go to? Note: The items would be free.

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