Five Jobs I Wish I Had

I was tagged by Bill to list the five jobs I wish I had. I’m about a week or so late, but here I am, telling you what other five jobs I wish I had.

Therapy Dog Owner

Every semester, an organization on campus brings therapy dogs for finals, and of course I go and see them. The dogs are always so calm—I guess it’s part of the job—and I’d like to go to different colleges and other places and bring my pup for some pets. As you can see in the picture below, they each have their own little vest and name tag.

Sports Information Director/Director of Athletic Communications

I’ve seen it both ways, and I’m sure there are other ways to say it. I worked in the Athletic Communications office on campus for three years in undergrad as a volunteer since I didn’t qualify for federal work study. I mostly worked in the office on the website. I definitely don’t know how to score a basketball or lacrosse game, but just give me a book and a pencil and I can score a baseball game like it’s nobody’s business. (The live scoring is done electronically.) I think this job would be a learning process, but since I really like sports, it probably wouldn’t be too bad. I just know the hours are really all over the place, especially during the spring time.

Promotions/Marketing for a Minor League Team

I like marketing and I like minor league baseball. I think that’s a good enough explanation haha. But I think it’d be fun to come up with all of those quirky theme nights or do social for a baseball team. (I’d still have to avoid all mascots.)

Athletic Trainer

I think in my second life I’ll come back as an athletic trainer. I’ve always been fascinated with it for some reason, which is weird considering I’m really bad at science. I mean, it’s a good way to get a front row seat to a game. I think I’d want to work at a college. Seeing a theme here?


I love books, so why wouldn’t I love to work with books? Plus I could see all of the new books coming in.

So moral of the story here is that I think no matter what I’m doing, I’d love to work at a college. Good thing I do now.

What are some jobs that you wish you had?


  1. So I took one of those Facebook quizzes a while back about what occupation suites my face based on my profile picture (I don’t get it either), and it told me I should be a beer testing roller coaster riding Disney princess to which I say hell to the yes! So I pick that one.

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