My Answers to Ellie’s Questions!

Ellie over at Adventuring with Ellie posted some questions earlier this week, and I thought I’d make a post out of my answers! Also if you’re not following Ellie yet, go follow her! She’s awesome 🙂

1. What are some of your hobbies?

Yelling about sports, running, reading, and writing. And petting my dogs.

2. How long have you been blogging or reading blogs?

I started this blog four years ago during my junior year of college. I’ve been blogging more seriously since January of last year.

3. If you could only eat one thing everyday, what would it be?

Cheesy garlic bread. I know, totally unhealthy.

4. Favorite vacation spot?

I’ve never actually been on a legit vacation, so I’m not sure if I’m qualified to answer this question.

5. Dream vacation spot?

Some place warm where I can have a drink on the beach but also go zip lining. So maybe like Aruba.

6. What is one thing that always makes you happy?

My pets. If I’m having a rough day or I’m tired from work, I can come home and they’re just so excited to see me. My golden retriever, Sadie Mae, sits with me on the couch at night, and I always look forward to that.

7. What is your go-to coffee/tea order?

I only order tea at Dunkin or Starbucks; my Dunkin order is one of the fruited iced teas that they have during the summer, and my Starbucks order is a chai latte—hot during the winter, iced during the summer.

8. What is your biggest goal right now?

Getting my 5K time down to around a half hour. Normally I finish between 32 and 33 minutes. I’d also love to not have to stop and walk in between miles.

9. What motivates you the most?

The feeling of satisfaction after I finish something.

10. What is your favorite way to relax?

Binge watching whatever is in my DVR. I normally spend my weekend nights catching up on my shows from the week.

11. If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

I’m not sure… when I think of moving anywhere, I think of what the weather is like there first. I think New England has pretty good weather; we don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes or wild fires. So maybe somewhere else in New England? Maybe outside of Boston so that I’d still be in the suburbs but close enough to the city.

12. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Your feelings are valid. I went to the counseling center at school once a week for all four years of college, and this is one of the things the counselor I saw told me. You’re feeling what you’re feeling because you need to feel it.


  1. Loved reading your responses! Cheesy garlic bread sounds SO good right now— that’s a great choice. Also, love the best advice you have been given. That’s such an important thing for everyone to remember 😊

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