What’s Wrong with the New York Giants


I try not to tell people I’m a Giants fan, mostly because I get asked, “Then how are you also a Red Sox fan?”

Because I hate the Patriots? And wanted to support another local team? But looking back, maybe I made a bad life decision.

The Giants are 2-7 and last in the NFC East. (I’m only one win better in my fantasy league at 3-7.) (BUT THEY SOMEHOW WON ON MONDAY NIGHT. Granted, they were playing the 49ers.) Last year, the team finished 3-13, and they’re probably on pace to match that record. But the year before the team finished 11-5 and made the postseason for the first time, and that season was Ben McAdoo’s first season as head coach, and last year was ultimately his last season—after he was fired in week 13. Which I was totally cool with, because let’s be honest, he’s kind of creepy.

The Giants hired Pat Shurmur, the Vikings old OC, as head coach this season, and things kind of looked promising. I feel like we’re just throwing things at the wall and hoping something sticks. (Spoiler: don’t think anything has stuck yet.)

I might sound like a bad Giants for saying this, but we have an Eli Manning problem. Dude has had a good run, but I think it’s time to hang up the cleats. The newish offensive line for this year is okay, because they thought it would help Manning.


I 110% believe that drafting Saquon Barkley was a good thing, and I love Sterling Shepherd. I’m iffy about OBJ, mostly because he has an attitude, but that doesn’t count toward my fantasy team, and I need all of the points I can get each week. And I love Landon Collins because he played for Alabama #RollTide.

It’s pretty defeating to be a Giants fan the last few seasons, because I feel like no one is addressing the elephant in the room: Eli Manning. The guys he’s throwing to are good, and Barkley is a good addition to the running game. (I really do miss Ahmad Bradshaw.) I wouldn’t be totally against seeing a young QB for the Giants next year. Yeah, I get that some of the older quarterbacks are still good—TB12, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, etc.—but maybe Eli’s time has come. He could always retire and hang out with Peyton and Brad Paisley.

One Eli Manning highlight is that he only has six interceptions through week 10. Compared to the 27 (!!!) he finished the season with in 2013. He’s got a 67.6% completion rate so far, and just over 2,500 yards—in past seasons, he finishes just below or over 4,000 total. He’ll probably put up average numbers again his year.

In 2015, he signed a four-year extension, so we’re stuck with him until next season. Because realistically no one is going to want him. I don’t know what else we can try to change to fix the problem. Maybe it’s a bunch of problems. The Mara family just can’t scrap everything and start over. Well, that’s never stopped teams from having fire sales. That’s assuming, though, that you have players other teams want.

Anyone have any ideas about how the Giants can fix themselves? I’ll accept serious, strategic responses but would rather enjoy out of the box ideas.


  1. How to fix the Giants…
    Option 1: Trade Eli to Buffalo for anything; Draft a QB with the 1st round pick

    Option 2: Take a time machine back to the 2012 Super Bowl and after the game have Manning and Brady switch bodies.

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  2. As you probably know, I’m a huge Bears fan. I had a gut feeling we would lose today. New York is a weird team. Eli isn’t great, but he’s fine. Barkley and Beckham are good. So what gives? Well, the defense could be better and they’re getting adjusted to a new Head Coach with a new scheme. Anyways, the Bears are FINALLY have a good season but without Trubisky today I felt doomed. Chase Daniel played like garbage and we STILL almost won. So now Chicago is 8-4 and NY is 4-8.

    Oh well. I can deal with it. No big deal. Big picture, you have Barkley to build around and Coach Shurmur is good. He was my #1 choice but we hired Nagy. That worked out well. Shurmur should be good too.


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    • I’ve been asking myself the same questions about the Giants for a while now. I watched Eli win both of those Super Bowls and now I’m like, “This is how you’re playing???” I can’t wrap my mind around what’s wrong. I was expecting more out of the Bears but yeah, I agree that Daniels didn’t look good.

      I’m still excited about Barkley and I like Shurmur. Mostly because he’s not creepy Ben McAdoo. But at some point they have to cut the cord with Eli and find another QB1.

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