Not Sure If It’s Just Me, But…

I’ve been bouncing this around in my head for a little while, and now that it’s happened again, I figured it was worth a blog post.

Am I the only one who assumes people don’t know who I am?

So how this originally came to light is from working at the ice cream shop. It’s in my hometown, so I see people I know most of the time; at least once a shift I see someone familiar. That being said, I also see everyone and their mother from high school. I don’t really talk to anyone from high school anymore—I stay in touch with a few on social media, but I didn’t have many friends toward the end of high school (which I was fine with).

If I see people I know—and know that they know me—then I’ll obviously say “Hey, how’s it going?” But then there are the people I remember and could say hi to but I don’t know if they remember me. For example, someone who was in my homeroom all four years and whose locker was a few over from mine, but do they remember me? Or one of the guys that played on the baseball team when I managed it who I wasn’t too close with but I knew their name?

Realistically, I could put myself out there and say hi and hope for the best, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself or have to explain to them who I am/how I know them. Plus I don’t really have time for that when I’m in the middle of handing out orders.

This happened again the other day after a meeting at work. It was a division meeting consisting of three departments, so I know everyone from my department but only a few from the others as I’m getting to know everyone. As we were waiting for the elevator down after the meeting, a guy—who worked at the school while I was still there in a different department and who I knew of but never interacted with—said how he saw me at homecoming a few weeks ago but just found out that day I was working there. And I thought to myself, I didn’t know you knew who I was?

In the grand scheme, I don’t know if I’m selling myself short or should be more aware of my surroundings. But I wasn’t all that popular in high school, and I was involved on campus during undergrad, but I still didn’t know everyone, and not everyone knew me. I guess it’s a nice feeling for me when people recognize me.

I feel like, especially with people from high school, you try to avoid anyone from your past that you really didn’t know all that well. I try to get in and out of the local Target without running into anyone. But it’s hard when I’m working at the ice cream shop—I have avoided certain people, though, the ones I really don’t want to talk to. Plus I look like a teenager when I work there, so I’m not surprised if people don’t recognize me.

So I guess all I’m saying is that I need to feel more confident in myself that at least some people know who I am. But I wasn’t sure if this happened to anyone else? It’s probably most relevant for people from high school or college that you occasionally run in to. (And when that happens, don’t get me started on the “Let’s do lunch!” thing that never ends up happening. I love getting lunch. Don’t say you want to get lunch, and then we never get lunch.)


  1. So this is probably off topic, but your post made me think of a guy that was at my high school reunion over the summer. Subconsciously, I avoided him the entire weekend. Lots of people love this guy. I mean, he wasn’t super popular in school, as far as I know, but people around the old hometown seem to think he’s pretty swell. But he was a real jerk to me in middle school. I wasn’t trying to be petty by actively avoiding a conversation with him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to strike up that “how’s it goin'” catch up talk. Because every time I looked at him, I just saw that kid in sixth grade who hung out with a handful of other guys who, together, made my sixth grade year a nightmare. I guess your post just made me think that, if I ever saw him in public, I’d turn and go the other way, just to avoid even the hint of an awkward hello.

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    • That makes sense. Even if it’s been years, you still see that person as they were when you last saw them. I had that happen with a guy I liked senior year of high school who tried to re-connect with me maybe like fourish years ago. I couldn’t do it or keep talking to him because all I could think of was how he treated me in high school (not very well). I think in your case, you’re just on high alert and would rather not go down that road again. I get that people change, but sometimes it’s not worth it to give them a second chance.

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  2. I went to my high school reunion several years ago, and didn’t recognize the guy who was my best friend as a little kid and whose mother was my mother’s best friend.

    And I could go to a sporting event at my old high school (which I haven’t done in years), and I’m pretty sure no one would know who I was.

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    • Oh jeez. I think I’d still recognize my best friend from elementary school, but I guess if you’ve been apart from them for so long, you don’t recognize them. My high school closed a few years ago (they consolidated the two high schools in town), but I’d still remember people; not sure if I’d want to though haha.

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  3. I definitely get this too!! I mostly assume people won’t recognize me and am pleasantly surprised when they do, haha. Which is funny because I feel like I remember a LOT of people.

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  4. I feel like I usually recognize people (might not know their name right away, but definitely know them), but have noticed that most people don’t remember meeting me lol I think it’s easier to assume people don’t know you because being like “hey I remember you!” to someone who has no idea who you are is quite awkward.

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    • I mostly remember names but there have been a few people I recognize but for the life of me can’t place them. Yeah, I like to avoid any awkwardness with people I don’t really know but kind of remember haha.

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  5. I’m kind of the opposite! I’m always thinking “gosh I knoooow that person recognizes me but I sure as heck hope not” then I go on pretending I don’t know who they are. 😂

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