A Small Change in Plans

I had a blog post planned for today—well, one that I was going to write ahead of time and schedule out like I do most of my posts—but honestly, I don’t feel like writing much this week. Which is weird. Someone take my temperature or something.

I feel like I’ve hit a wall but also stuck at the same time. Things are relatively normal but I’m just constantly tired and feel drained. Not sure if it’s the two jobs thing. That’ll end the last week of October when the ice cream shop closes. (I have no clue how I balanced two jobs and grad school last year.) Or maybe it’s that I’m just stuck running on a hamster wheel with no place in sight.

So this is my self-care post, I guess. I’ll have a post up for Friday as part of my final 5k prep for my race on Saturday. If you guys want to drop your self-care routine or a funny story or your favorite blog post or really anything you want to share in the comments, that’d be great. Make a friend while you’re down in the comments. My blog friends don’t bite.


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