Stella’s First Birthday

I haven’t talked about her much, but I have a kitten! Or rather, a cat, but I always call her a kitten. Or literally just call her “Kitten”.

We got Stella in October 2017 after not having a cat for over a year. My mom’s best friend fosters feral kittens/cats through a cat project in town, and she had a litter of five cats last fall. My mom and I went over to see the kittens and then came home and convinced my dad to get one.

img_9649So we got Stella. Her real name is Stella Luna, like the children’s book with the fruit bat. She’s double pawed, so that means she has thumbs. Or “thumbs”. She has an extra claw on the inside of her front paws.

She gets along now with my two dogs, but she realistically just does her own thing. Which include meowing at snack time and running around the house like a spaz.

We didn’t know her exact birthday since she was born in a barn somewhere in Massachusetts, so we made yesterday her birthday. She already has so many toys, so we just got her a few bags of treats. (Which the dogs also eat. It’s weird.) I made the little hat for Stella, and she was more interested in playing with the strings on the sides.

She’s an awesome cat, and she’ll always be boo-boo kitten. (What I’ve taken to calling her lately.)

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?


  1. I celebrate my dog’s birthday every year!! I used to buy him special “happy birthday” dog biscuits from a local pet store. Now he lives with my parents and I text my parents to make sure they give him extra snuggles and kisses every time. Or just on a random Tuesday haha. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna do that right now hehe

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