Running Update

I’m less than a month away from running my first 5k, and it doesn’t help that June flew by. July is going probably be my busy month this summer, and on the 21st, I’ll be in Newport running and hopefully not dying by the water.

I’ve been pretty good about running during the week; I’m averaging 3-4 runs either outside on the track at my old high school or in my basement on our treadmill. As I said before, my goal is to run one mile, walk a few minutes, run to two miles, walk a few minutes, and finish out running the third mile.

Within the last month, I’ve run three miles twice: once out on the track following my plan, and the second time on the treadmill. (I find that I run slower on the treadmill, so it took about 15 minutes longer to run but I ran it consistently.)

Outside, I’ve been running two miles with a short few minute break in between. I’m not really concerned about my time, but I’ve been averaging about 23 minutes or so for two miles, so I expect for three miles to finish around 35 minutes. Which I’m totally fine with as long as I don’t collapse at the finish line.

I bought two of these headbands for my friend and I to wear day of the race, since it’s part of a craft brew race series. I also picked up a few more form the website in bright colors to wear when I’m running on my own and to wear when I work at the ice cream shop.

I’m scooping basically all week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon), so it puts a wrench in my run schedule. I plan to go running again on Wednesday and then on Saturday morning on the treadmill because it’s going to be 90+ degrees this weekend.

After this week, I have three more weeks until race day. I’m feeling confident that I’ll be able to do it. I hope to run three miles on the treadmill a few more times and try to get one in outside, since running inside and outside is different.

I’ll try to do a final training post the week of the race and obviously, I’ll have a post-run post with pictures.


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