Catching Up!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekends! My birthday always falls around the holiday, so I always make it into a five day weekend from work. It was on Friday, and my mom and I share the same birthday, so it’s great to celebrate with her. On Thursday, we went out for breakfast and did a little shopping, on Friday we went to Costco, and on Saturday, we had a small cookout/family party for our birthdays.

I also spent a lot of time outside reading in our hammock. I finished reading “The Wife” by Alafair Burke in less than a week and read “The Ex” by Burke in like three days. I normally don’t read psychological thrillers, but both were awesome and highly recommend. I read them so quickly because I wanted to know how they ended. She has a few other books at my town library, so I’m definitely going to read those this summer. I’m currently reading “The Soul of America” by Jon Meacham. It’s about American history and the presidents, so it’s a little dry but I think it’s always good to learn more about your country’s history and how history does, in fact, repeat itself.

I have a four-day work week this week, three total shifts at the ice cream shop, and I’m going to see my mom’s friend’s new kittens. (She fosters cats and the one she has now had kittens recently.) I’m hoping to get a few runs in, and I surprisingly ran 2 miles/30 minutes on the treadmill this morning. Who woulda thought.

If you haven’t already, follow Strikeouts + Sprinkles on Instagram! I’m trying to be consistent with posting on there, so hang in there as I get it up and running.

How do you celebrate Memorial Day weekend?


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