What I’m Obsessed With

what i'm obsessed with

5k races: I signed myself up for a 5k race in July, and I think I’m already regretting my decision. My coworker is going to run it with me, and it’s one of those craft beer ones, so there’s a festival after with vendors. It’s in Newport, RI and right on the water, which will be nice to look at while I’m dying. I’ve been trying to run every other day, and I can do a mile and a half okayish, and I don’t know if I’ll make it to running three miles straight.

My cat: We got a cat in October, and her name is Stella. She was fostered by my mom’s best friend, and we convinced my dad to get a cat. She’s eight months old now and a spaz. She runs around the house—especially at night—and still pesters my dogs a little bit. Last week, she squeezed herself into a shoe box, seen below:

img_0958 IKEA furniture: I’m so over assembling office furniture. Last week, we moved up to the front of our building, and it took close to 13 hours to move. Those 13 hours included moving a few other people to other offices/cubicles so then we could move, two of my coworkers driving down to IKEA to pick up six desks since they were out of stock to ship, painting and spackling, and then assembling said IKEA desks.

I’m not a fan of the instructions because there are no words, but they’re probably like that so they can be universal. And the whole giving you extra pieces and screws makes you think you messed up somewhere along the way. Knock on wood, everything is still standing.

My Tweet of the Week:


What I’m Reading: I finished The Queen of Hearts earlier this week. I liked it. I didn’t agree with the ending and how the main characters acted, and the big secret is drawn out a little too much and it gets lost in the middle among more current events. To be honest, I only picked up the book because the cover was pretty. I’m now reading Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade. I read one of her other books last winter and enjoyed it.

What I’m Watching: Mostly baseball games, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers. I started watching Quanitico on Netflix, and I’m only a few episodes in. I like it so far. I swear I spend more time on scrolling through Netflix to find a show than actually watching shows.

What I’m Listening To: My running playlist, which is a weird collection of songs but has a lot of Fall Out Boy on it. I’m also still listening to Brunch—and laughing out loud at my desk at work.

What have you been obsessed with lately?

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